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Sun Enters Methodical Taurus March 19th, 2020

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Ruling planet: Venus
Element: Earth
Colour: Gold, brown and greens
General characteristics: loyal, possessive, patience, stubborn.
Taurus are perseverant and faithful to their friends and loved ones.
Their strength and perseveration inspire others to trust them. Taureans are stubborn and not fond of change and they won’t be rushed into hasty decisions.
People born under this star sign don’t give their heart away easily, they could be slow to make their mind up about relationships. But ones they decide they do everything to make things work.
Ruling planet Venus is grounded in this creative sign. Taurus appreciate textures, natural material and great designs.

(@studio grand-pere)

They like lasting and stimulating love and friendships. This earth sign has its own pace, which tends towards the rhythm of nature. From forests to sea, they crave contact with the natural world.
Taurus season is cosy, romantic, luxurious, grounded, and no one thrives more during this season than earth signs.

(@Eli Martinez)
As the Sun moves into Taurus our determination and security needs are strong. We might feel more determined, practical, reliable and patient in general. This will help to ease off the Aries impulsiveness of the past month.
Get out into “nature” even if it’s just your front porch or for a walk at an appropriate distance. Bring green into your world, whether you plant a kitchen window box herb garden, pick up a potted aloe plant or paint a wall a vibrant, verdant hue. Do something that will make you feel more connected to nature during this month.