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T I F F A N Y - S T O N E

Zodiac stone: Pisces, Gemini

Tiffany Stone is a rare gemstone. It is mined at one location worldwide: Spor Mountain, western Utah, U.S.A. Tiffany Stone is composed primarily of Opalized Fluorite which produces its signature blend of rich purples, blue/violets, lavenders, and creams. It's usually brecciated with interwoven veins or patches of Quartz, Chalcedony, Dolomite, Rhodonite, Manganese oxides (blacks), and Bertrandite (white, pink or yellow, containing Beryllium), Beryl, and/or solid white or translucent-yellowish Opal.

Tiffany Stone has great healing energy with a loving gentle vibration. Tiffany Stone is often used with the meaning and the effect of healing the mind and soul. Use it when you want to have stable energy or when you have mental stress. Tiffany Stone is believed to help one get back on the path to their soul purpose. This grounding stone is not one that automatically matches and vibrates to our energy, to experience the sweet joy this crystal has to offer, one must first connect with it. When the connection is made one will feel the wonders of its powerful energy and subtle vibration.

This high vibration stone is said to enhance your mental power and promotes abundance and transformation. It is known as a gemstone that has the energy of love. Tiffany Stone would resonate with the owner's mind and give many kinds of messages, it is a wonderful crystal for people who want to grow their mind and soul. It helps one develop the specific psychic ability with which they were born, along with sharpening their intuition, it connects to one’s soul to understand one’s soul’s path for this lifetime.

Tiffany Stone's affirmation is: "I am at one with my best self and manifest all that is good."