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How to Calculate Your Birth Chart

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In the last few years, astrology has become more and more popular among young people. From astro meme accounts to extensive videos about the transits on TikTok, it's become very clear to everyone: there is so much more than just your zodiac sign. So you might be wondering, what is a Natal Chart? How to Calculate Your Birth Chart?

In my early teens, I was always intrigued by magazine horoscopes. I thought that astrology only included the twelve zodiac signs. As a Virgo Sun, I resonate pretty well with the properties of this Earth sign: practical, detail-oriented, perfectionist, intellectual, with a strong focus on serving and helping others. Although I found astrology very interesting back then, I also knew there had to be much more and that I was more than just my zodiac sign. The whole world couldn't be reduced to 12 different archetypes, this would be way too limiting. 

At some stage I stumbled across a blog and I discovered that we also have a moon sign. At that moment, a whole world literally and figuratively opened up for me. I scrolled through the pages, reading about birth charts, planets, and houses. I couldn't make anything beautiful out of it at that time, but I was very fascinated. From that moment on I started to immerse myself and read everything I could find about my own birth chart.

What is a Birth Chart? And how to Calculate Your Birth Chart? A birth chart is a 'screenshot' of the sky and the positions of the planets at the moment you were born. A birth chart reveals your strengths and weaknesses, how you can grow and what you need in this life. You will soon discover that in addition to your sun sign you also have a moon sign, Mercury sign, Venus sign, Mars sign, and much more.

All these planets are in a sign that completes your cosmic blueprint. It can be very overwhelming at first but as you study each element one by one, you will learn so much about yourself. Perhaps the information you read confirms certain things that you already felt deep down. But beware: this not a sprint, it's a marathon. Such knowledge will require a lot of time to be able to study it, understand it and grasp it properly. Indeed, thinkers and philosopher have been writing about astrology for thousands of years, each adding their unique piece to an incredibly rich and complex puzzle. In addition, you also have different forms of astrology and different systems that astrologers use. If it starts to feel overwhelming, then go back to basics: learning about your big 3 (sun, moon and rising signs).

Still wondering how to Calculate Your Birth Chart? If you are curious about what such a birth chart looks like, you can calculate it here. An exact time of birth is very important in this calculation, so that your planetary positions and astrological houses are as accurate as possible. You can usually find this on a birth certificate or request your time of birth from the hospital or municipality where you were born.

Now that you have your birth data and your birth chart. What next? There are tons of forums, videos and posts about astrology online and I get that this can be very overwhelming as you may not know how to start or which source to trust: Information overload! Here's my tip for you: don't try to figure out your entire chart right away, because it really takes time. But don't feel discouraged, the process can be so much fun! How to Calculate Your Birth Chart still sounds overwhelming to you? If you still want to go into depth at a faster pace, you can of course always book a reading with me or follow my course. In this course, I show and explain step by step how to calculate your Birth Chart and interpret it for yourself.

Wondering about my approach as an astrologer? I use astrology as a tool for developing self-awareness and self-love. Ultimately, the birth chart is a mirror and you will see things that you already know, but you may also find things that make you look again and appreciate yourself more. As a professional astrologer, I do my absolute best to introduce you to your truest self, on behalf of the universe.


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