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Zodiac stone: Libra & Scorpio

Black Tourmaline is a stone of purification, cleansing the emotional body of negative thoughts, anxiety, stress, anger or feelings of unworthiness. It is believed to soothe panic attacks; it will bring you back to earth and connect you to your Root chakra. A powerful crystal when working with chakras, balancing the body from Crown to Root. Its strong grounding energies is great to ground you after a healing session or meditation.

A stone associated with the planet Saturn in astrology, it was once used by magicians to offer them protection against earth demons when they were casting spells. In the modern world it is said to dispel and shield the wearer / carrier from external negative energies and internal conflicts.

Black Tourmaline's affirmation is: I empty my mind of all clutter and worry.


Zodiac stone: Taurus & Scorpio

Pink Tourmaline is a wonderful crystal for cleansing the emotional body of destructive feelings and old wounds accumulated over time. It releases guilt, worry, depression and anxieties, and guides those emotions into self-love. This is one of the most loving gemstones, associated with the Heart chakra. It is said to reduce fears and panic. A crystal that should be owned by all healers to heal their own problems. 

Egyptian legend says how Tourmaline made its journey from the center of the Earth and passed over a rainbow, taking with it all of the colors as its own. Pink came from the early-morning sky.

Pink Tourmaline's affirmation is: I welcome and offer love and kindness.