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C R A Z Y - L A C E - A G A T E

Zodiac Stone: Gemini

Crazy Lace Agate is a stone with the ability to induce joy. It has been called the Happiness Stone because of its uplifting energy. It is a stone of support and encouragement, elevating thoughts and promoting optimism and harmony. Positive vibrations in this crystal are very effective at the elimination of pessimism, it stimulates  good feelings and emotions. This grounding and stabilizing stone can give its owner a more optimistic outlook on life, as well as improve self-confidence, self-acceptance, focus and decision-making.

Crazy Lace Agate's energy is circular and flowing. It helps overcome depression and despair, elevating thoughts and attitudes. It is uplifting and increases self-esteem. It is also believed to absorb emotional pain, especially when worn as jewelry over the heart or throat. Crazy Lace Agate has been considered symbolical of the Third Eye chakra, our center of perception and consciousness. It controls the energy flow of the body, and is the source of our ideas, dreams, and visions.

Historically, Agate has been discovered with the artifacts of Neolithic people, and was used as healing amulets and ornamentation dating back to Babylon. Its medicinal uses continued through the ancient Greek and Egyptian civilizations, and spread throughout Africa and the Middle East into Russia. Agate sparked a world renowned stone cutting and polishing industry in Germany that flourished from the 15th to the 19th century, and exists today. 

Crazy Lace Agate's affirmation is: I love and accept all facets of my personality. I accept life challenges with courage and determination.