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A P A C H E - G O L D

Zodiac stone: Aries and Leo

Apache Gold is a rare combination of Pyrite (Iron Sulfide) and Magnetite (Iron Oxide) found recently in the desert of Arizona.

It stands for happy adventures as well as turning life around and bringing joy as it's a natural abundance-giver in all aspects of life. When worn, energy, confidence, optimism, and determination will be activated. A great grounding and earthing stone if you are healing others, to reinforce the healing and at the same time to protect the healer from absorbing negative energies. Associated with the Root and Solar Plexus chakras, this is one of the best healing crystals for luck.

Just like Pyrite, Apache Gold helps one understand their own wants and desires, whereas Magnetite naturally helps attract them to you (remember to focus and stay the course for nature to work correctly) as Magnetite is the most magnetic mineral on all of planet Earth. Apache Gold is also said to help remind you of your own ability to inspire yourself, which in return will naturally influence others to do the same.

The name of this gemstone is a reference to the Apache Indians who lived in Arizona and the gold color of Pyrite (nicknamed "Fool's Gold").

Apache Gold's affirmation is: "Good times are ahead, I have talent and luck is on my side."