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S E M I - P R E C I O U S - S A P P H I R E

Birthstone : September

Zodiac Stone : Virgo, Libra and Sagittarius 

Sapphire is a stone of wisdom, a royal stone of learning mental acuity and psychic activation. Its pure blue ray brings order and healing to the mind, lending strength and focus. It helps to release spiritual and emotional blockages, allowing you to express your true self and needs and open to love. Sapphires are a symbol of integrity at home and work. They are said to help during times of change to maintain a clear vision of where it is you want to go and how to get there. In Chakra theory, Sapphire is said to help open the Third Eye to receive wisdom and insight by connecting to the Higher realms, as well as the Throat Chakra, which allows you to communicate that vision to others. It's a very stabilizing and centering crystal.

Called the jewel of the Sun God Apollo by the Greeks, Sapphire was worn when consulting the oracle at Delphi to give the questioner wisdom to understand the answer given. King Solomon's fabulous magical ring was said to have been a blue sapphire and so a symbol of wisdom. 

Sapphire's affirmation is: I call on the resources of Mind and the inspiration of spirit, so I may speak the voice of Wisdom.