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Aura quartz is a Quartz that has been enhanced with a combination of precious metals. Metal-coated crystals are natural crystals, such as Clear Quartz, whose surface has been coated with metal to give them an iridescent metallic sheen. Its emergence in the 1980’s as a New Age crystal gave it a permanent home in the hearts of metaphysical healers and practitioners, as well as those who simply find it beautiful.

This crystal provides a calm, relaxing effect, it is soothing and healing to the aura. Aura Quartz is the perfect crystal for releasing negativity and stress, old wounds, and long-held doubts about one’s self-worth. Because of their rainbow hues, Aura Quartz can stimulate and cleanse all chakras. Aura Quartz stands for spiritual elevation and is known for its powers of guidance and expansion of the soul. This crystal is known for providing serenity and peace during meditation.