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Zodiac stone: Taurus, Aquarius & Virgo

Sugilite is a rare mineral that was first discovered in 1944 in Japan. It can also be found nowadays in Canada and South Africa.

Sugilite is a highly protective stone and one of the very best crystals for those who are highly sensitive and take on whatever energies are around them. It is considered one of the most powerful "Love" stones as it radiates Divine love into one's life. This Crown chakra stone enhances the development of spiritual awareness and protection, promotes channeling ability and teaches to live from our truth and to believe in our sixth sense, or intuition. Wear or carry Sugilite to create a warm, protective “shield of Light,” keeping the wearer impervious to negativity and the disharmony of others. It encourages positive thoughts, alleviating sorrow, grief and fear. Sugilite is also known as the healer's stone because of its excellent abilities to enhance healing, and it is said to help with lucid dreaming.

Since Sugilite was first found toward the end of World War II, it became very popular in the 1980’s as Luvulite when the New Age market discovered its vibration resonated with the “Age of Aquarius.” Because it first appeared at the end of a world war, it was thought of as a stone that would only show its availability to those with a peaceful mind and heart, and would heal those suffering from injury, pain and sorrow. 

Sugilite's affirmation is: I will not get stuck in self-pity. I am a conduit for planetary healing, as I tune into my higher power.