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About Jewels & Gems

Jewels & Gems was born after a desire to gather the widest and most stunning gemstone jewelry line, a treasure trove filled with individually handpicked and handmade gemstones, full of energy and power.

But this is how it all started:

Silvana Beslic, the founder, was born and bred in Paris, France. As a child, she spent her weekends in Paris admiring the stunning gemstones that Parisian shops and markets had to offer, and started to gather her first crystals collection that she would hand pick herself. Silvana has always been fascinated by astrology, the zodiac signs, lithotherapy, and spiritual symbolism. 

After graduating from university, she was ready to fly to Ireland as her next adventure. She fell in love with Dublin and thought that the only way to make it seem more like home, was to bring with her, her true passion.

Silvana curates collections that are focused on powerful gemstones, magical minerals, always keeping in mind the spiritual impact and healing effect that a piece can bring to its wearer. Her collection gathers semi-precious stones that are not just beautiful but also meaningful and personal. She seeks to bring to her jewellery line, the idea that each gemstone or mineral is here to uplift you so that you can embrace who you are

Silvana’s love for travel is also a source of inspiration. When she’s not travelling to source new gemstones or crystals, you can spot her most of the time in her retail shop on St Andrews street in Dublin city centre, displaying her newest pieces that she would have handpicked personally with lots of love, piece by piece, in her beloved treasure-trove. This retail shop and the online shop both offer the best-selling Birthstone jewellery but also Zodiac Stone jewellery. Always looking forward, Silvana is always working to further include her passions for lifestyle and wellness into Jewels & Gems.