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Zodiac Stone: Aquarius, Scorpio & Capricorn

Moldavite is said to be the stone which initiates transformation and brings about an acceleration of spiritual evolution. It helps in activating the 'dream states'. It has the energy to neutralize the hold of hypnotic commands. It is a stone that promotes spiritual awakening and transformation of the self. If you feel a strong connection to Moldavite, you will enjoy a sense of spiritual protection, as it prevents any negative energy from accessing your aura.

Moldavite honors Persephone, the Greek Goddess of Spring. She represents celebration and the Earth alive with new growth. It may also be used to honor Gaia, the Greek Earth Mother Goddess. 

Moldavite is also associated with the Phoenix, consumed and reborn by fire, a symbol of spiritual renewal. It is also referred to as the Philosopher's Stone, the Grail of alchemists, for its qualities of transformation and the bestowal of youth and longevity. 

Moldavite's affirmation is: I am ready to walk my true path in life. I allow the power of Light to transform my life.