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Birthstone : June

Zodiac Stone : Cancer

Associated with the inner goddess, it is a symbol of fertility and sensuality. The Moonstone reminds us to go with the flow; it is said to help guide you in difficult times and situations. Combining gentle lunar energies with optimism of the rainbow by its flashes of colors, Moonstone reassures all who feel alone, lost or vulnerable. Said to assist all emotional healing. and is all about inner peace, intuition and new beginnings. Promotes ease pregnancy and childbirth, as well as supporting motherhood. Wear it when dealing with sensitive staff problems, also helpful if you are having a relationship at work. 

Legend says that you could see the future if you held a moonstone in your mouth during a full moon. Many believed that the stone was created form moon beans. The Romans believed the much treasured Moonstone enclosed the image of Diana, the Moon Goddess, who could endow love, wealth, victory and wisdom upon the owner. Other legends claimed that Moonstone could clear the mind and allow the wearer to reach wise decisions, keep the heart and mind in touch with each other.

Moonstone's affirmation is: I have the power to create change.