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Zodiac Stone: Taurus

A stone of wisdom, worn as a charm to help express knowledge and experience, especially through music, writing, painting and craft in general, also considered a symbol of musicians. Helps those who have suffered some form of abuse and to alleviate emotional instability and express vulnerability in a positive manner. Beneficial for digestion, joints and alleviating physical pain in general.

Chrysocolla is the stone of wise women everywhere, worn and carried to help women express their knowledge and experience through arts. It is the symbol of musicians, used as a charm to learn new instruments or giving confidence to perform in public. feels like Mother Earth’s calming ocean and majestic mountains all in one. Chrysocolla represents mother earth’s energy, moon cycles, and the Divine Feminine. Gentle, yet powerful. Maintained to be beneficial for metabolism, PMS, painful menstruation, labour pains. 

Chrysocolla's affirmation is: I listen deeply to the voice within, I communicate my truth, I am the truth. I can use my life experiences to guide others.