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S E M I - P R E C I O U S - R U B Y

Birthstone : July

Zodiac Stone : Capricorn & Sagittarius 

Ruby is said to bring fire into one´s life, lighting up their darkness. It is able to create strong sense of power within oneself, giving you the strength to take risks and try new things. Ruby is said to help the sharing of loving energy, despite past hurt. Most commonly associated with love, especially faithful passionate commitment, and helps older women to value their beauty and life experience. This gemstone is also believed to protect the wearer from negative entities that leach positive energy, promoting spiritual vitality and wellness overall.

In many cultures throughout history, Ruby has always been a talisman of passion, protection and prosperity; and for thousand and thousand of years it was worn by royalty. Ruby was an amulet used to ward off plague and pestilence, it kept the body safe, and banished sadness and foolish thoughts.

Ruby's affirmation is: I live life passionately, and have the right amount of energy to easily follow my bliss.