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Pink Tourmaline: Crystal Meaning and Uses

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pink tourmaline crystal meaning

Pink Tourmaline: Crystal Meaning and Uses

Zodiac stone: Taurus & Scorpio

Chakra: Heart

Properties: Balance, Release, All kinds of Love

Affirmation: "I welcome and offer love and kindness."

Rubellite or also called Pink Tourmaline is a wonderful crystal for cleansing the emotional body of destructive feelings and old wounds accumulated over time. It releases guilt, worry, depression, and anxieties, and guides those emotions into self-love. This is one of the most loving gemstones, associated with the Heart chakra. It is said to reduce fears and panic. A crystal that should be owned by all healers to heal their own problems. 

Pink Tourmaline's healing energies will work well with the emotional aspects of your heart energy. Its crystal meaning is associated with bringing light, love, and rejuvenation to help keep ones heart and mind imbued with joy, general happiness, being more adventurous, having increased daily energy, self-love and confidence are all brought out when wearing or carrying Pink Tourmaline. It will affirm that you are one with your peace and joy of being. 

This type of Tourmaline instills patience teaching us to act diplomatically when dealing with upsetting issues or people. Promoting inner security and self-esteem, it is said to assist in eliminating depression and fear, helping us heal our emotional wounds. Once we release the pain we’ve held onto, we regain our sense of security and enhance our self-confidence.

Egyptian legend says how Tourmaline made its journey from the center of the Earth and passed over a rainbow, taking with it all of the colors as its own. Pink came from the early-morning sky.

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