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Full Moon in Libra April 7th-8th, 20202

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April’s Full Moon falls in the sign of fairness, the scale, Libra. This full moon is also going to be a super full moon, which means that it will be stronger and we will be more effected by it.
Most people will attribute the themes of harmony, fairness and balance to Libra. So how will this lunar event in the sign of balance help us feeling more in equilibrium in a world that seems out of order?
One this is for sure, we are all in this together. This air sign is the sign of balance and partnership so our spirit of cooperation will be accentuated, in this time the world has no choice but work together for global health.

This is going to be the brightest and largest super full moon and it’s message is to be there for others. To put yourself in other’s shoes. Reach other to support, even with a message or a call. Check in with your friends and relatives. This is the best time to support each other, share your feelings and find inner peace together  especially if we are feeling a little restless or anxious about this current situation.

Even though there is so much destruction, and struggle, and suffering around us, we are creating a new world. We are creating a new reality.
the Libra Super Moon may be highlighting feelings of self-love and stirring things in our relationships.
This Full Moon can amplify your current emotional state, which can be a great self-discovery tool but can also be overwhelming. Be gentle with yourself. Be gentle with others.