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Crystals and Gemstones That Are NOT Water-Friendly

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Crystals and Gemstones That Are NOT Water-Friendly


You wish to make some crystal / moon water, or crystal essence to consume... Did you know that there are certain types of crystals and stones which can be potentially poisonous once exposed to water? To be safe, always ensure that the crystals or gemstones you intend to use do not contain any hazardous minerals that might leach into the water. If there is, that's fine you can still work with them, you can use alternate ways to engage with the energies of that stone. 

This is by no means an exhaustive list of crystals and stones. We will always be adding to it and adjusting it. Please be mindful and always conduct your own research in addition to checking here. When in doubt, skip it!


- Amazonite (contains copper)

- Azurite (contains copper)

- All gemstones part of the Beryl family such as Aquamarine, Morganite, Emerald, Heliodor (contains aluminum)

- Black Tourmaline (contains aluminum)

- Bumblebee Jasper (contains tiny amounts of Cinnabar)

- Celestite (contains strontium)

- Chalcopyrite (contains copper and sulphur)

- Chrysocolla (contains copper)

- Fluorite (contains fluorine)

- All gemstones from the Garnet family (contains aluminum)

- Iolite (contains aluminum)

- Kunzite (contains aluminum)

- Labradorite (contains aluminum)

- Lapis Lazuli (contains small amounts of Pyrite)

- Lepidolite (contains aluminum)

- Malachite (contains copper)

- Moldavite (contains aluminum oxide)

- Moonstone (contains aluminum)

- Welo / Ethiopian Opal (not toxic but loses its flashes by absorbing water)

- Pietersite 

- Prehnite (contains aluminum)

- Pyrite (contains sulphur)

- Ruby (contains aluminum)

- Sapphire (contains aluminum)

- Selenite (not toxic but relatively friable and can dissolve under water)

- Sodalite (contains aluminum)

- Sugilite (contains aluminum)

- Sunstone (contains aluminum)

- Tanzanite (contains aluminum)

- Topaz (contains aluminum)

- Turquoise (contains copper and aluminum)

- Vanadinite (contains vanadium)

- Variscite (contains aluminum)

- Zoisite (contains aluminum)


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