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sterling silver opal ring
sterling silver opal ring

Opal Akoni Ring Round Small


Sterling Silver Opal Akoni Ring Round Small

Libra's Zodiac Stone

Opal enkindles optimism, enthusiasm and creativity. It allows the release of inhibitions, inspiring love and passion. Opals promote a sense of calmness and security, easing stress and depression.

All our jewellery are made of sterling 925 Silver, handmade and hand-picked one by one. So it will be like having a unique piece on you.

Please visit our Ring Size Chart page to find out the perfect size for you!

Opals are very delicate stones, please have a look at our Jewellery Care page to know the best way to take care of it!

Please note that these are stock-photos. Each gemstone will vary slightly in colour since they are all natural and unique!
Imperfections such as cracks, inclusions or dark areas are also completely normal when a stone is cut and polished.