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H E R K I M E R - D I A M O N D

Birthstone: April

Zodiac Stone: Aries & Sagittarius

Herkimer diamonds are not actual diamonds, but a natural pure form of double-terminated Quartz from Herkimer County, New York and the Mohawk River Valley, in the U.S.A. 

Herkimer Diamond is the most powerful type of Quartz crystal and a symbol of pure and peaceful Light energy. It stimulates all the Chakras and help raise the Kundalini energy. Thanks to its natural double terminated structure it can not only transmit its own energy, but also receive, amplify and focus spiritual energy intently. Herkimers are not a stone for pets or children, as they are believed to have powerful otherworldly energies. Great for Reiki healing and attunements, or bring yourself back together after a stressful event. The unrestricted growth of Herkimers in mud makes them good for breaking restrictions. This purifying crystal is said to insulate against excessive electromagnetic pollution, negative earth energies and external forms of stress and chaos. Keep with you during study as it stores knowledge, also good for teachers of spirituality and alternative therapies. Said to help with lucid dreams, dream recall, and out-of-body experiences.

Herkimer diamond's affirmation is: I align and vibrate with the purest Light and easily manifest my desires.