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crystal healing energy readings

Let a Crystal Energy Reading guide you through tapping into the powerful world of crystals!

Do you want to access your inner potential? Would you like to put words to what you are going through? Do you want to free yourself from questioning? 

This lithomancy session is a journey through crystals allowing you to better understand the energies at play in an area of ​​your life (Love, Career, Business...). Sylvana takes on the role of intuitive messenger to deliver a bright and benevolent interpretation to you and reveal through the cards and crystals, the energies that are at play in your life.

This transformational experience uses crystal energy to open you up, breaking through your preconceptions so that you can better identify the energy blocks that have been inhibiting your personal growth. Crystal Energy Readings are a great way to get clarity on any issues you are experiencing. Gemstones offer messages and are tools to assist us in bringing balance to our lives.


Sylvana, founder of Jewels & Gems, astrologer and modern mystic, invites you to bring clarity and direction to your questions and remove your doubts.


A reading session to bring you clarity and direction around the situation you are currently going through. Sylvana will be pulling cards as well as work with a variety of over 30 crystals with various colors and benefits to bring you guidance.

Each session is unique and brings you a "mirror" of a reading of your soul and subconscious mind. Because everything is fair, and has its reason for being. The crystals and cards are selected intuitively and put in association with each other to serve as a reading grid.   

crystal healing energy reading

How does it work?

On this journey, knowledge is power. The crystals act as a tool to bring you a message with a personalized plan of action to help you achieve your goals. Being clear on your desired outcome and making conscious changes daily is the best way to create long-term happiness, abundance, and health.

This is an inner journey with Sylvana, founder of Jewels & Gems, by Zoom, lasting 30 minutes for the Astro-Litho Reading and 45 minutes for the Yearly DrawAt the end of each consultation, you will receive your advice stone by email as well as a personalized exercise according to your profile, in PDF format. No preparation is required prior to the appointment.


Why should you book?

✦ Put words to what you are going through to lighten your heart and mind

✦ Become aware of your potential and the energies that support you

✦ Understand how you can develop or improve certain areas of life that challenge you

✦ Facilitate decision-making in full agreement with who you are and the path you want to take

✦ Leave more room for the joy of living, happiness and what brings you well-being

✦ Letting go to take a loving look at your life

✦ Rely on greater than oneself: energy is omnipresent around us!


How to book?

Super easy! You just have to let us know what is the theme you wish to focus on for your reading session (Love, Career, Business, etc) and select your slot on our booking platform. On D-Day, we will email you the Zoom link to join Sylvana live for this magical reading.


 crystal healing energy reading

Let's connect with your soul! 

We truly value and believe in the power of free-will. Our guidance sessions are tools and ways of channeling that are non-predictive and communicated on an intuitive basis, at the present moment, in mutual trust. They offer you a powerful reading grid to understand the issues at stake in every aspect of your life, and give you the power to reach your potential.

This is not a psychic reading as this is not about future predictions or future outcomes. It is about this present moment, and how you decide to show up to your own life to create the future you desire. This is a spiritual, transformational, and empowering way to rediscover your personal power and let go of what no longer serves you.

A message from Sylvana

I've always been on a healing road, working through limiting beliefs and self-doubt. Along the way, I discovered that astrology helped me connect with elements of myself I'd never understood or accepted - for the first time in my life, I was able to look in the mirror and enjoy what I saw.

THIS is what I want to share and offer to you - by demonstrating that healing love and acceptance exist and have always been inside you! I help you get to know yourself through the power of crystal healing; I'm not here to put you in a box or tell you who you should be or what you should do.

These sessions are all about self-discovery and connecting with our own healing! xx
Please note: All readings with Sylvana are held one to one on Zoom. You will receive a recorded audio of our meeting & your personal natal chart for future references. To find out more about the Tarot and Astrology Natal Chart Sessions, click here.