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Our Story


Jewels & Gems is the creative expression of its founder, Sylvana Beslic.

From a very young age, Sylvana has believed she was a witch. Early one, she has devloped an interest in the esoteric and the occult, while being fascinated by these magical gifts from nature. She understood that the power of spirituality can help us to shift our perspective, get centered in what we want and manifest our intentions into realities. Driven by her passion for helping others, she started a journey that awakened her true calling: to offer esoteric jewelry instilled with meaning that benefits those in need of inspiration, healing, and empowerment. As an entrepreneur, designer and holistic mentor, between Paris, Dublin and Lisbon, Sylvana experiences the support and power of mysticism in her life every day. 

The J&G Team is a small-but-mighty team of highly skilled and very passionate people committed to equality, collaboration and inclusivity.

Today, Jewels & Gems is a brand based in Portugal, offering jewelry pieces made of 925 Sterling Silver and semi-precious gemstones, along with mystic offerings such as Astrology Natal Chart, Empowering Tarot and Crystal Energy consultations. Designed by Sylvana herself and made in India and Thailand out of unique molds, Jewels & Gems is a jewelry label that favors authenticity above all. 

Each of our jewelry pieces has the power to take you on a symbolic journey. They have been conceived to heal specific aches. Our jewelry is meant to make you practice connection with yourself, others and the universe. 

When designing her jewelry, Sylvana first has in mind the healing properties of the gemstones and crystals. Each jewelry piece is unique as it carries a particular story that is being told through the one of a kind gemstones, crystals and minerals they showcase.

By combining the power of spirituality with a mindful will to evolve, we can embark on the spiritual path toward the person we were always meant to be. At Jewels & Gems, our main aspiration is to bring you positive energy, balance and harmony in your energy and life. Astrology, tarot and crystals are true gifts that should inspire you. They should be tools to help you become the best version of yourself by felling more grounded, calm, clear, and confident.

Let your mystical journey begin.