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4 Crystals That Are Awesome for Protection!

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4 crystals for protection


We realize you have days when your energy is low and you feel disorganized. Where you KNOW something is draining the life out of you but can't put your finger on who or what it is.

You know how sometimes you just need someone to have your back? A little more defense against those less-than-ideal feelings.

There are many crystals for protection in the mineral world, but a few stand out. When they work together, they constitute a crystal squad of all-around protection support for any scenario.

Here are Jewels & Gems' top 4 healing crystals for protection!

1. Black Tourmaline

This is most likely the one you've heard about. When it comes to crystal protection, most people recommend Black Tourmaline right away. That's not without cause! Black Tourmaline shields you from the energy of others. Ideal for empaths or those who are sensitive to the affects of other people's words or presence. This should be your go-to stone!

This stone creates an energy barrier around you. This prevents people from tapping into your energy or becoming close to you. There will be no more feeding, energy-sucking emotions!

2. Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a protective stone that is soothing and delicate, acting as a filter. It is here to alchemize any negative or hostile energy into useable positive energy. It is also excellent for manifesting since it may reduce self-doubt as well as other people's jealously or jealousy of what you are accomplishing. It converts all of that energy into positive vibrations to support your creations.

Use Smoky Quartz to shield yourself from your own dark nonsense. Take that negativity right now and feed your ambitions with optimism. Furthermore, Smoky Quartz works effectively to alleviate tension in physical locations that frequently have friction or are generally unpleasant.

3. Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is an energetic vacuum, absorbing all negative energy fast and efficiently. We all have room for wrath, hatred, and despair. And we should all allow those emotions to pass through us in healthy ways. After that, Black Obsidian will absorb all of the fragments and clean the area.

This stone literally unpacks the emotional rubbish baggage that we frequently tote. Black Obsidian is most effective when used on your own bad energy and emotions; it is less effective when used on others (that is the duty of Black Tourmaline). It requires us to own our garbage, work through it, and then plan the energy clean-up necessary to go on.

4. Labradorite

Sure, Smoky Quartz, Black Tourmaline, and Obsidian are fantastic for carrying around with you, but if you're doing astral projection or working in more liminal regions, you'll need Labradorite.

This crystal buddy generates a lovely energetic bubble. When you meditate and are in more expanded, ethereal realms, you are more vulnerable to energy assaults or bad energies attaching themselves to you. It is simple for those energies to acquire it if there is no goal of protection or other safeguards. While in these phases, labradorite may be used to construct a protective net around you.

This is your crystal protection squad! These 4 stones serve as the foundation for all kinds of protection you may require, from physical to astral. We recommend to keep these gems close by on a daily basis, so that you can keep your energy crystal clear.


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