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Blue Calcite Raw Piece - Jewels & Gems
Blue Calcite Raw Piece - Jewels & Gems
Blue Calcite Raw Piece - Jewels & Gems

Blue Calcite Raw Piece


The price shown applies to one crystal only.

Zodiac: Pisces

Affirmation: I will not over-react in stressful situations.

Blue Calcite is connected with both the Throat and Third Eye chakras, facilitating calm, clear communication and enhancing your intuition. Blue Calcite establishes and increases your ability to trust and faith in yourself. It allows you to feel confident in your decisions so that you can feel stability instead of uncertainty from self-doubt. 

Blue Calcite is a very powerful stone when it comes to soothing and relaxing the emotional body. It is known to calm emotions and offers mental and etheric protection. Blue Calcite is very protective when it comes to one's aura. A gentle stone to use when recuperating, Blue Calcite facilitates physical healing by clearing negative emotions and encouraging rest and relaxation. This crystal can also work as a natural sedative after an emotional trauma.

All our crystals are ethically sourced. Our suppliers have been selected for their reliability and trustworthiness.

-We cannot accept returns due to a change of heart so we encourage you to be absolutely sure before you purchase.
We do not exaggerate colours, remove blemishes, 
so you can know exactly what you are purchasing.