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the guide how to take care of your crystal mineral
Crystals and minerals have been known to the world for centuries. While Lapis Lazuli was used as pigment by artists and painters, Turquoise was worn by Aboriginal soldiers as an amulet for protection in battles. They have been worn by kings and queens such as Cleopatra, but also used by witches and oracles in their practices. Nowadays, I notice that some focus solely on their beauty, while others also appreciate their deeper properties.

the guide how to take care of your crystal mineral


As my job consists of being surrounded by crystals and minerals, this is a question I got asked recently by a customer, and it is definitely one of the main ones people ask me:

Ok now I have in my possession a stunning Malachite pendant, I absolutely love it and I am so excited to start wearing it. But, how do I take care of it? Is there anything I should do?

First of all, what I would absolutely say to this is that a crystal or a mineral (set in jewellery or as a loose stone) shouldn’t only be seen as a pretty thing you just bought because you like how it looks. Of course, it is a gorgeous creation of Mother Earth that, most of the time, takes years/decades to form and it’s just incredible what she’s capable of, but don’t be intimidated to look beyond that: see it as a potential tool that can bring you much more if you actually care for it, appreciate it, cherish it and use it in a way that suits you.

At the end of the day, don’t forget that it is a very personal object you have just picked for you, and you only. We all go through hard times and moments in our life where we need some help, support or just a little bit of reassurance so why not give your new crystal a chance? I can tell you, it’s actually easier than you think.

I would suggest as a start to learn about it. You don’t have to know everything about all the crystals or the crystal world, don’t get me wrong. A first start could be to learn about the crystal YOU picked, because most of the time, you will notice that it makes much more sense than you think. Indeed, I have seen it so many times, customers that are new to this, staring at my vast range of gemstones, and all of a sudden, one in particular catches their eye. It’s like a gut feeling, for some reason they feel attracted to this stone, and this is the one. Rarely have I ever seen a person changing their mind at the end, it is always the first piece they spot that they decide to go for.

the guide how to take care of your crystal mineral


Then comes the big question: “What’s the meaning of this stone?

At that moment, I start sharing with the person everything I know about the gemstone, what it is associated with and what do people believe about it. It’s always very interesting for me to see what happens right after and the reaction I get out of that person is usually: “Oh my god, that is exactly what I need right now!” You might think that it’s pure coincidence, but I have seen it so many times, trust me, it’s much more than that, as every step in our lives is a reflection of who we are and everything we do has a meaning, what is so different about this? My job and my business definitely taught me what this is about, and it’s very simple: it’s called intuition.

So yes, try to learn about your gorgeous new crystal / mineral: read about, google it, ask about it, try to learn what it is, where does it come from, what properties it is associated with and through this process you will also learn how to care for it and cherish it because you will create a connexion with it. After that, every answer should come by itself. You will know what to do.

After doing your research you will probably ask me about crystal cleansing, clearing and charging, but this is another chapter that I will be discussing in another article, but I will give you one hint: there are no actual rules for this.

The lady that got from me the Malachite pendant was new to the crystal and mineral world, this was her first piece and she did the right thing: when you don’t know the answer, just ask and listen. We live in a world where everything is complicated, rushed, and composed of instructions to follow word for word, which leaves no room to intuition, creativity or feelings.

This is why I love to say to my customers and friends that here, the only thing you have to do, is to follow through what you read or hear and trust yourself, you will know what feels right. It might seem intimidating at first because it is not the way things work in our time, but crystals and minerals are not as complex or mystical as you might think it is.



My final advice on this for anyone that would ask me this question is for you to trust your gut feeling, your intuition because it will be your best ally, not only in this matter, but in anything in life you might have to go through or accomplish. So learn about your crystal, appreciate it, cherish it, allow yourself to create that connexion with it and I can promise you that everything will be just fine.

the guide how to take care of your crystal mineral