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Sun Enters the Perfectionist Virgo

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Ruler: Mercury

Element: Earth

Colour: White, lilac

General Characteristics: Perfectionist, detailed-oriented, efficient, simple.


As a practical, Mercury-ruled sign, Virgo is considered the perfectionist of the zodiac, you generally prefer neatness and order to loose ends and chaos. People sometimes see your need for order as excessive, but your focus on the details simply ensures efficiency and high quality work.


When the Sun is in meticulous Virgo,perfection is at an all-time high! This is a time when we'll say goodbye to the playful days of Leo so that we can take life a bit more seriously. Virgo Sun shows us how to focus more on our work, our health, and how to make ourselves useful to society.

We feel like we want to polish our skills, get organized, or do any activity that require us to pay close attention. To get our work done perfectly! Prioritise making the moves that will make your dreams come true.


"Let me look at that." Virgo doesn’t let anything go -- a quality that is both invaluable and annoying. It’s great to have an eye for the smallest details, but if you’re double-checking someone else’s work, take it easy on them if you find fault -- and you will, because the Sun is in Virgo!

Now, which are the stone for this meticulous Earth sign?
Peridot for August Virgos, and Sapphire for September Virgos!

Peridot gemstones can help you harness the power of the Sun towards joy, optimism, strength, and an overall better quality of life.

Sapphire is a stone of wisdom, a royal stone of learning mental acuity and psychic activation.