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Sun Enters the Innovative Aquarius 20th January 2020

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Ruler: Uranus
Element: Air
Colour: Blue
General Characteristics: Extroverted, Unconventional, Rebellious, Innovative.

Radical, Original and independent, Aquarius is an air sign and expresses its unconventional qualities through thoughts and communication.
The symbol of this zodiac is the water bearer, positioned on a cloud high above the Earth. From her height she pours the rain of knowledge, nourishing new life in terms of ideas and consciousness.
Cool, calm and bright, Aquarius brings clarity and awareness. 

(@Lea Lafleur)

Their insatiable curiosity is one of their most endearing qualities, but it can be difficult for them to relate to people on a deeper more emotional level. Future orientated and always giving power to its ideas, ideals and visions, Aquarius can sometimes be detached and this contributed to maintaining its unique position in life.

With the sun in Aquarius you will feel more even-tempered, artistic, sociable, peaceful in your general attitude to life, warm and loving. It a good time to learn something new,  strange and innovative. New, fresh, exciting horizons can motivate your spirit.


Aquarius Zodiac Stone is the beloved and calming Amethyst. Amethyst is a powerful healing stone that is known for purifying the mind and clearing it from negative thoughts, this includes stress and anxiety, giving a sense of calmness and peace. This gemstone also is said to bring emotional healing, while strengthening its owner's intuition. It strengthens the imagination putting thoughts into action. Amethyst is the perfect crystal for improving meditation, headaches and sleep.