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New Moon in Libra, September 28th

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This New Moon in Libra is also a Super Moon, that means that we feel more its effects.

Libra brings love, enjoyment and good fortune. This suggests new moon fun and romance will force adjustments in other areas of life. But it could also mean that restlessness or boredom leads you to seek change and excitement in your social or love life. This is an excellent time for making a fresh start or a new project.

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                 Libra is ruled by Venus,  that means that it has a loving and sociable influence and gives good news for those seeking enjoyment and romance.

Under this New Moon we can be guided to think how to create better connections with others, both fixing boundaries and showing gratitude towards the others.

New Moons will always open a portal towards new realities, so if there are some challenges in our lives, we should set an intention, work toward it and see if that brings us to a new level of action and awareness. It could also be that rising tensions because of boredom or dissatisfaction force a change in your social or love life.


Nature around us is transforming, seasons are changing, letting go and creating something new. We might feel this transition also in our life. Which are the goals that we would like to achieve before the ending of this year?


Libra is represented by the scale, this symbolises justice and balance. Libra wants us to find a sense of balance when it comes to answers our needs and someone else’s needs.

During this New Moon we should try to release anything that is keeping us under pressure and stress. We don’t need to have our life perfectly balanced and figured out in the way we are told us to be.
We should accept where our life is at the moment, don’t put ourselves down and trust the journey. Try to be free and understand that it’s ok if sometimes life doesn’t follow the plan.