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Labradorite: Healing Crystal Meaning, Properties & Uses

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Labradorite: Healing Crystal Meaning, Properties & Uses


This stone belongs to the feldspar family of minerals, and its name comes from the fact that it has a labradorescence: a crystal that once exposed to natural light can display beautiful colors ranging from purple to blue as well as green, gold and purple. There is a pearly sheen to the mineral, and some specimens have a schiller effect. Labradorite usually symbolizes bravery and mysticism.

Labradorite, the Stone of Magic

The Labradorite stone, which is linked to the Aurora Borealis' glistening gold and green lights, is as mysterious as its iridescent shifting colors indicate. The healing properties of this healing crystal, which was formed by Northern Lights storms and is found in Canada's Labrador region, are all about tapping into your own wonderful well of imagination and communicating with higher consciousness. 

On the surface of Labradorite, a plethora of blues, greens, fiery golds, and smoky schemes can be found shimmering. It's a reminder that the most powerful healing stones are frequently connected to all four elements: the earth under your feet, the raging ocean, the stretched-out sky, and the stars above.

Labradorite has a long and illustrious history, and its stories are intertwined with Inuit legends due to its powerful shamanic vibrations. According to legend, an Inuit warrior once noticed the Aurora had become stuck in a piece of stone. He took his spear and hit the rock, assisting in the release of the sun.

In the 18th century, Moravian missionaries visited this remote Canadian wilderness and were so enchanted by the magical stones that they brought them back to Europe.

Further research reveals that Labrador is separated from the rest of the world not only by Canada, but also by the winter winds of Finland and the former Tsar kingdoms of Russia. This stone was given the name Spectrolite in Finland because it seemed to absorb every hue in the entire spectrum of life. Regardless of its name, this stone has long been associated with the concepts of art and sorcery.

Meaning and Properties



Labradorite, like the Northern Lights that light up the winter sky of the far north, is full of elegance, grace, mysticism, and powerful healing properties. Although the world can take away our much-needed energy and valuable resources at times, Labradorite teaches us how to carry life-giving energy to all areas of our souls – from the body to the mind and those deep, difficult-to-reach corners that hold us all in balance. It's a stone of Transformation that can help us achieve self-calming, creative ambition, cosmic force, and mental clarity.

Emotional Healing - Properties & Uses

If the words "stone of transformation" and "stone of courage" appeal to you, Labradorite may be the healing stone you've been looking for. Labradorite, with its light shot color schemes, seems to whisper intense healing rather than simply being a pretty face. Labradorite is the stone you want by your hand when it comes to mental clarity.

To begin with, it calms the monkey mind and prevents the thoughts from swinging from branch to branch. That isn't to say Labradorite calms the mind; in fact, it has the opposite effect. The iridescent celestial swirls of Labradorite are sure to get your creative energies surging if you're stuck in a rut or need a kickstart in your imagination.

Labradorite shakes out all the garbage, reviving the spirit with a burst of vitality that keeps you ticking instead of being weighted down by world events and personal commitments. Labradorite is always happy to be your personal mascot if you ever wanted a little extra inspiration to take on a new challenge.

It's a perfect grounding stone because it's dedicated to keeping you anchored to the earth under your feet, no matter how high your imagination soars. Labradorite will not hesitate to tell you whether you have deeply buried memories that need to be brought to light in order to help you discern between important lessons. This doesn't mean it will overwhelm you by trying to unearth everything that should be left hidden, but it can be counted on to bring out the best in you when you are completely and wholeheartedly ready.


Metaphysical Healing - Properties & Uses

Labradorite is linked to the Throat Chakra, which is responsible for our  communication, as well as the Third-Eye Chakra, which is associated with connecting us to the spiritual world. It straddles the gap between what we need here on Earth and what will make us leap higher. 

The Throat Chakra assists us in speaking our reality and remaining authentic. It reminds us of the importance of speaking up, clearly expressing our desires, and motivating ourselves in the community.

The Third Eye Chakra connects us to our higher purpose and allows us to see things from a different perspective, both externally and internally. We will pass around the world more consciously as we tap into that chakra, letting go of old concepts that no longer serve us in favor of fresh and exciting directions that are more aligned with our true infinite intent.


Zodiac Stone



Labradorite is not considered to be a traditional birthstone for any month or particular zodiac sign. However, some sources claim that Labradorite is a natural birthstone for those people born in February and March.

Still, other sources claim that this gemstone is connected to Libra and Cancer. While more modern interpretations put this gemstone as the zodiac stone for Leo and Scorpio.


How to use Labradorite



One of the best ways to take advantage of Labradorite's potent and strong healing properties is to wear it in jewelry. Direct skin contact guarantees that it connects to your body's vibrations and can get to work on adding equilibrium, harmony, and higher artistic honesty to all aspects of your life.

Labradorite has been a common gemstone in jewelry for centuries. It's almost as if you're wearing a slice of the universe strung around your wrist or pressed against your pounding heart, with the way it glitters when it catches the light.

If you want to amplify its healing energy, you can combine Labradorite with the following stones: Fluorite has the potential to help us harness the strength of focus while also strengthening our mental and physical balance, another great option is Moonstone, a magical stone that deals with luminous dreams and shining a light on certain hard-to-see places.

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Labradorite will carry all of that sweet streaming water energy into your home as a gleaming gem for Feng Shui. The optical illusion of light being trapped under the surface of the stone is often referred to as labradorescence or adularescence. Its presence in the home brings harmony, serenity, and artistic freedom to the space.

If you're looking for a divine burst of inspiration, this is an excellent stone to keep in your workshop, studio, or writers home. Labradorite can be used in any room where you need to be at the most direct in conversation and where you need to think and offer your own honesty and clarification, such as an office.

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It's important to keep your Labradorite gemstone cleansed and clear in order for it to radiate the maximum levels of energy it contains. Both gemstones benefit from being cleansed and charged on a regular basis, as they work hard to absorb negative emotions and disperse negative energies.

We do not recommend you to cleanse Labradorite with water, as water can be corrosive for many crystals, and in the case of Labradorite, it can make this beautiful stone dissolve and lose its adularescence.

Here are some other techniques that are safe to use instead:

Smudging with Sage or Palo Santo
Energy Healing (Reiki etc)
Place in a Copper Pyramid
Tibetan Singing Bowl
Cleansing Incense
Tingsha (Tibetan Cymbals)
Universal White Light 


Labradorite is a lovely healing crystal to have in your life, particularly if you want to open your throat chakra for better communication, open your heart chakra for better love, and tap into your psychic abilities via the third eye. Labradorite is the perfect gemstone to be your inspiration, even if you're just looking for a beautiful stone to get your creative juices going.

A little nudge from the outside world will help us tap into our own magic, and this is exactly what Labradorite's healing properties do. You'll be mesmerized by this Stone of Magic's Aurora Borealis beauty and the hypnotic bold colors swirling beneath the surface.