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How to Work with the New Moon to Set New Intentions

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At Jewels & Gems, we enjoy connecting, working with the moon and harnessing its energy. Rituals during the New or Full Moon have numerous advantages, and as the next New Moon is approaching, we'd like to offer a simple yet powerful ceremony that anybody may practice at home at the next New Moon. You will soon be able to learn more about how and why to live in sync with the moon at Jewels & Gems through our learning platform so stay tuned with us on Instagram!

Something to write on is required for a new moon ritual. However, if you wish to create and hold a more powerful ceremony, you may use tools such as crystals, incense, a notebook for journaling, and a deck of Tarot or Oracle cards. The moon is not visible in the sky during a New Moon, instead it hides to gather power to then be able to surface again as a Full Moon within a couple of weeks. During this time, we may feel empowered, full of ideas, and invigorated. As a result, it is beneficial to set fresh objectives and goals during the New Moon, which is exactly what we will do in this ceremony.

How to Go About It!

Create a safe space for you and get into a seated position, ideally somewhere you feel peaceful and secure.

Light some incense or a candle to mark the beginning of your Moon ceremony and get out a notebook for journaling. Keep some crystals close by if you have them, whichever ones that resonate with you the most at this moment in time, allow yourself to be mindful and intuitive during this time.

If you are burning incense or dried herbs, light it and cleanse the energy of your space to get rid of any stagnant bad energy and make way for the new (check out here our blogpost about how to clean the energy at home).

Setting up the mood with a good playlist can be a good idea. Here is one of our fave Spotify playlists created by Sylvana, it really holds it's name well check it out here: The Mystic Vibes Playlist.

Close your eyes and take a few deep belly breathes in and out through your nose with the crystal of your choice in your palm. Picture yourself in the present moment and let go of all that occurred earlier in the day. Go inward to find out what intention you wish to set for this New Moon, for you to hold until the next. Let go of any limiting beliefs holding you back and allow your heart to speak on its own and your intuition to be heard.

Place your crystal on a flat surface in front of you and take a moment to observe it facing you.

Take out a notebook and your favorite pen, start write down anything that comes to mind, don't be afraid to start with any thought even the most "basic" one, as you will notice that putting in to paper with allow your thoughts to unlock themselves and pour through the paper as you go along with this New Moon intention-setting journaling process.

If you wish to break the intention down into smaller steps that you can follow through over the next few weeks, feel free to keep your piece of paper or notebook near you to serve as a daily reminder of your intention until the next New Moon.

And don't forget to thank yourself and the Moon for this opportunity at the end of the ceremony.


★ Crystals that are suitable to work with for the New Moon:

Moonstone, Labradorite, Obsidian, Onyx, Selenite, Black Tourmaline

Check out our New Moon Crystal Kit here.


★ Incense and dried herbs that can be used during a New Moon ritual:

Cedar, Rosemary, Frankincense, Myrrh, Palo Santo, Sage


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