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How to Use Your Intuition When Buying Crystals

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how to use your intuition when buying crystals

How to Use Your Intuition When Buying Crystals

Have you ever stepped into a crystal shop and saw a stone that piqued your interest? When you first get your hands on the stone, something doesn't seem to click. So you keep strolling around, and suddenly you can sense it. You just feel energetically drawn to a crystal that you may not have given much thought to previously. This is your intuition knocking at your door, ready for you to answer!

Here's how to use your intuition while buying gems and harness that intuitive hit.

1. Have confidence in what your heart feels.

Don't second guess those nudges! Almost everyone wishes they had more money, but that doesn't imply an abundance crystal like Green Aventurine, Pyrite or Citrine is the answer. That purple Amethyst is lovely to look at, but it might not be the best crystal for you right now. But at the same time, don't talk yourself out of a crystal you're drawn to because it doesn't fit with what you believe you need right now.

In this process, it's very important to let go of your ego and preconceived assumptions and simply be present. That is your intuition attempting to inform you that it may be just what you want. So, trust your gut feeling and believe in yourself!


2. Allow yourself time and space to discover what speaks to you.

When buying crystals, try not to feel rushed or pressed.

When it comes to choosing your new crystal bestie, your intuition knows exactly what you require. Explore the crystal shop, noticing what strikes out aesthetically, what piques your interest intuitively, and what you haven't seen before.

Don't even look at the descriptions of the crystals the first time you explore. Just look at what shines out. Are you suddenly drawn to any rough stones? Or is it mostly green crystals? Mindfully observe what you're drawn to and don't rush or force yourself through the process.

3. Feel deserving.

Know that the ideal crystal is there somewhere, waiting for you to choose it. You are not restricted in any way, particularly when it comes to your intentions, desires and ambitions.

If you think a large (perhaps pricey?) crystal is for you, don't attempt to talk yourself out of it by convincing yourself you don't deserve it. Of course it's about being responsible, but also make sure your judgments are based on your heart and intuition rather than your left brain.

Call in abundance, even if part of you still believes your desire for riches is greedy. Call in the lover of your dreams, even if you have some reservations about what the ideal partner looks like to you. To learn how to use your intuition when buying crystals, you have to own your desires and needs, and pay attention to your inner knowing in the process.

4. Concentrate on what you truly require rather than what you believe you require.

Get out of your head when it comes to what you believe you need.

This is not to claim that any crystals are omens, but it is a good reminder to listen to yourself and your intuition when it shows you what seems right. It may not make sense today, but it might be a lifesaver in the future.

Don't make things too complicated, just get started and enjoy the full experience. Get out of your own way and tune into the intuition that your inner knowledge is providing. Work with it and see what happens, especially when it doesn't make sense.

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