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Full Moon in Taurus 12th - 13th November 2019

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Taurus full moon will start today 12th November 2019. Taurus rules our self-esteem, and this is going to be a big focus during this moon. You may have felt extra confident as of late or maybe it’s put an opposite effect on you and you have been lacking of confidence.
It’s a time to look at what we are nourishing with our energy. Are you feeding your fears or your joys? Are you focused on gratitude or are you amplifying your negativity? What we nourish is the foundation of our growth, it will bring us new energies that will allow us to get out of our comfort zone.
This moon energy has us comparing ourselves to others and thinking that we need to look a certain way or have certain things to feel accomplished.
Just remember that you are perfect just how you are and with what you have!

This Full Moon is the best time to release those self-doubting thoughts. Ask yourself what is something you really wanted to do lately, but your self doubts stopped you form doing? What would be a step for you today to get things done? We need to step away from our comfort zone, that can be people, places or even feelings. We love the familiar even if it blocks us from manifesting our dreams. It often feels good, because they are habits, but they don’t serve us in reaching our potential.
We need to understand that we can create our own life without anybody telling us that we are good enough.
This full moon is in Taurus, a sign known for a sensual, down-to-earth nature and a love of luxury. In other words, this full moon is a great time to treat yourself well. 
Self-care is key. Nourish yourself from inside out. Spend time thinking of ways you can feed your positive thoughts, spend time alone, pamper yourself, indulge!
Sleep, rest, eat some really good pizza, get into a freshly made bed… and relax.

(@Ana Hard)