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Have you ever wished to learn more about yourself?

 natal chart astrology reading


Are you ready to experience a higher level of self-love, clarity, and purpose?

Do you want to know yourself better? Do you want to understand certain mechanisms of your life and overcome your blockages? Thanks the reading of your natal chart, you will become aware of your strengths, regain confidence in what matters to you and see prospects for evolution.


Astrology sessions to go in search of oneself 

Sylvana, our passionate in-house astrologer invites you to travel through your natal chart, more and less in depth according to your needs. Sun, Moon, Rising but also Venus, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter are as many stars which will enlighten you on your personality and its evolution, your relational or emotional system, your way of taking action or thinking, your personal power and your blocks.

Each astro profile shines differently, depending on the position of the planets. This is why you are unique! At the precise moment of your birth, in which constellation(s) were they located? What were the major aspects? We decode the language of the sky to give you an enlightened vision of what is at stake in your life!

This is more than just reading because each session begins with a brief tutorial on how to read your own birth chart - covering the fundamentals ensures that you can always go back to what we discuss.

We then go further into the chart, always directed by you. We try to cover as many subjects as possible that are significant and relevant to you.

We look at practical methods to embody your chart via each part of the chart, so you can leave the session knowing what to focus on and having practical skills to fall back on.

Following your reading, I will give you a recap of our time together, the ideas we discussed, and my free Astro Cheat Sheet - Your Go-To of all the Astrology Basics, to assist you in referring back to our work together.

Who is this for?

Anyone of legal age, curious to learn more about their astrological profile or wishing to focus on themselves, as part of a 100% good vibes exchange!

Do you want to offer this session? It's over here.

Why should you book a reading?

✦ Discover your astrological profile (far from the magazines' horoscope!)
✦ Understand the traits of your personality through your starry prism
✦ Explore the personal challenges brought to you by your inner planets
✦ Clarify certain areas or experiences of your life
✦ Benefit from a benevolent astro-coaching session 
✦ Satisfy your curiosity on these esoteric and mystical tools
✦ Connect with your subconscious mind, which runs 90% of our brain
✦ Uncover some of the best tools to develop your self-awareness, confidence and inner-power  

How ?

It's easy! You book your slot on our booking page linked below, indicating your date, exact time and place of birth. Before your reservation, make sure to collect this essential information to decipher your natal chart. On D-Day, we will send you the Zoom link to join the live call with Sylvana. This 1-on-1 time with Sylvana will be the perfect opportunity to ask your questions and dive deep into your inner-magic!

empowering tarot reading


Empowering Tarot Session

Ask a question and let's consult the cards. Tarot is a wonderful tool for self-introspection and diving into the power of the subconscious mind, bringing out to the surface all the answers we hold within. Pulling 3 cards together, we will deep into the energy surrounding you to clarify your direction and understand how to move through the current energy. ~ €66 ~ BOOK HERE


30 Minutes Natal Chart Reading

Meet yourself with your birth chart! Learn everything there is to know about the anatomy of your birth chart and how to identify different features so you can start using it yourself. Then we look into your Sun, Moon, Rising sign, Elemental & Modal makeup to figure out how to live in TRUE embodiment of your Soul's Purpose. The perfect start to uncovering your chart! ~ €66 ~ BOOK HERE

60 Minutes Natal Chart Reading

In this time we look at your Sun, Moon, Rising - as well as your personal planets & destiny placements (such as Chiron & Nodal placements). What are your personal planets telling us about your personality, the way you apprehend & interact in the world - let's explore the key elements that your unique chart reveal. A magic tool to understand and fully embody the best version of ourselves, with the world around us and with others. ~ €122 ~ BOOK HERE

The Astro + Tarot Consultation

The best package for Mystical fans! A one-hour deep dive into your natal chart to look at your soul's goal as well as transits to discover what you are now going through! We then go to a 30-minute tarot reading to get clarity and guidance for your next steps. Ideal for oneself or as a present for the astrology enthusiast in your life. ~ €155 (worth €199) ~ BOOK HERE

birth chart reading with sylvana

A message from Sylvana

I find in Astrology a major source of inspiration in my never-ending quest for meaning. One of the most powerful tools I have encountered to make sense of what life throws at us. May it be mundane, amazing or more challenging things.

What does practicing Astrology mean to me?

On a collective level, I believe that using the guidance of the planets & their constant interactions in our skies allows us to make the most of what is presented to us. We may then surf the cosmic waves of energies in full awareness of what is favored at this time.

On a more personal level, Astrology allows us to know ourselves better. Understanding who we truly are, how we operate, what triggers us, what emulates us. In the light of our unique planetary placements at birth, following the transits & how they affect us personally every day.

From my personal path, understanding & accepting ourselves is a major key to fulfilment. The way to move towards our full potential & life path. To shine out as our brightest, most honest self. For us & all around us.

That's my intention in sharing Astrology & its wisdom with you.

In a simple, modern, relatable expression. Always with joy & enthusiasm. Always through kind & empowering words.

This is the one & only way that makes sense to me. hope you will find inspiration & meaning in all of it, as much as I do.

Please note: All readings with Sylvana are held one to one on Zoom. You will receive access to the recording of our meeting & your personal natal chart for future references. To find out more about the Crystal Energy Readings, click here.