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Full Moon in Aries, 13th October 2019

The October 2019 Full Moon in Aries may trigger a personal or relationship crisis, but also opportunities to grow, transform and find happiness. The full moon promotes love and reconciliation, while the previous new moon continues to bring love and good fortune.


 Optimism and open-mindedness will be present during this lunar phase. Any relationship crisis can be turned into an opportunity to transform and evolve. Bad habits or behaviours can also be eliminated from your subconscious through the positive transformation of your emotions.


This Full Moon gives us the urge to make positive changes, reform and transform. Increased power and influence facilitate spiritual and personal growth, wealth creation and professional advancement.
Subtle but powerful forces are working behind the scenes to promote you to a higher level. Success is made possible by taking full advantage of the opportunities that open up in front of you. 


Green Aventurine can help you in this time of transformation.
Green Aventurine releases old patterns, habits and disappointments so new growth can take place. It brings optimism and a zest for life, allowing one to move forward with confidence and to embrace change. It enhances one’s creativity and motivation, and encourages perseverance in life’s obstacles.

Green Aventurine’s soothing energy balances the emotional body, guiding one toward inner harmony. It calms nervousness, anger and irritation, and helps dissolve the everyday stress of a hectic lifestyle. It quiets roving thoughts and enhances sleep while providing a gentle grounding effect on one’s vibrational field. It releases the notion that every event must be analysed.

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New Moon in Libra, September 28th


This New Moon in Libra is also a Super Moon, that means that we feel more its effects.

Libra brings love, enjoyment and good fortune. This suggests new moon fun and romance will force adjustments in other areas of life. But it could also mean that restlessness or boredom leads you to seek change and excitement in your social or love life. This is an excellent time for making a fresh start or a new project.

(©Broken ins't Bad)

                 Libra is ruled by Venus,  that means that it has a loving and sociable influence and gives good news for those seeking enjoyment and romance.

Under this New Moon we can be guided to think how to create better connections with others, both fixing boundaries and showing gratitude towards the others.

New Moons will always open a portal towards new realities, so if there are some challenges in our lives, we should set an intention, work toward it and see if that brings us to a new level of action and awareness. It could also be that rising tensions because of boredom or dissatisfaction force a change in your social or love life.


Nature around us is transforming, seasons are changing, letting go and creating something new. We might feel this transition also in our life. Which are the goals that we would like to achieve before the ending of this year?


Libra is represented by the scale, this symbolises justice and balance. Libra wants us to find a sense of balance when it comes to answers our needs and someone else’s needs.

During this New Moon we should try to release anything that is keeping us under pressure and stress. We don’t need to have our life perfectly balanced and figured out in the way we are told us to be.
We should accept where our life is at the moment, don’t put ourselves down and trust the journey. Try to be free and understand that it’s ok if sometimes life doesn’t follow the plan.



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Sun Enters the Charming Libra, September 23rd




Ruler: Venus

Element: Air

Colour: Pastels

General Characteristics: Balanced, Compromising, Justice, Equal in relationships.


Libra’s greatest urge is to balance and harmonise opposites. The essential idea of equal balance is derived from the autumn equinox, when night and day find harmony as we are gradually moving from summer to winter.
Socially, the Cardinal nature of Libra presents as a drive to establish balance; they have the ability to operate from an impartial point of view, detached from primal nature.



Librans can appear flaky or indecisive, but they may just be avoiding conflicts as they know the price of decision.

Ruled by Venus, Libra is a lover not a fighter, yet compelled by a persuasive drive for peace, she can’t help but enter the fray. Librans prove that great achievements in reconciliation are positive without barbaric behaviour.


Once Libra Season starts get ready to find inner balance and peace. Libra teaches us to remain calm no matter what life throws at you.  You will try to find balance in your relationships helping them to stay centered.


Libra's stone will be the magical Opal. Known as an encouraging stone that will help you to express your true self. You will feel confident and comfortable in your own skin, and this will radiate in your words, thoughts, and actions.


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This year September Full Moon will be right before the equinox.
This is the last full moon before the change of the season, transitioning from summer to autumn. This is our opportunity to “pick-up” anything that we can before entering the new season.



The singular full moon of Virgo season 2019 will rise in the skies between Sept. 13 and Sept. 14, and it's bringing with it a whole bunch of vibes: Good ones, bad ones, but undoubtedly transformative ones.

The Harvest Moon has the function of “cleaning”, so if there is something that we don’t want to bring with us in the new season, this is the perfect moment to release and let go.
It is also a time to reflect on the journey we have travelled since the June Solstice, and to think about who we were then and who we are today.


Falling in the Pisces zodiac sign, this Full Moon is sensible and we might feel a little overwhelmed by our feelings.

But don’t worry, on the other hand, the ethereal, dreamy Pisces — will inspire us to rely more on our intuition than our knowledge.

(@Sarah Mantelin)

The crystals that you might want to have with you during this Harvest Full Moon.
Smoky Quartz that protects and grounds spiritually and physically.


And Amethyst that stimulates intuition and soothes emotions.

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Sun Enters the Perfectionist Virgo



Ruler: Mercury

Element: Earth

Colour: White, lilac

General Characteristics: Perfectionist, detailed-oriented, efficient, simple.


As a practical, Mercury-ruled sign, Virgo is considered the perfectionist of the zodiac, you generally prefer neatness and order to loose ends and chaos. People sometimes see your need for order as excessive, but your focus on the details simply ensures efficiency and high quality work.


When the Sun is in meticulous Virgo,perfection is at an all-time high! This is a time when we'll say goodbye to the playful days of Leo so that we can take life a bit more seriously. Virgo Sun shows us how to focus more on our work, our health, and how to make ourselves useful to society.

We feel like we want to polish our skills, get organized, or do any activity that require us to pay close attention. To get our work done perfectly! Prioritise making the moves that will make your dreams come true.


"Let me look at that." Virgo doesn’t let anything go -- a quality that is both invaluable and annoying. It’s great to have an eye for the smallest details, but if you’re double-checking someone else’s work, take it easy on them if you find fault -- and you will, because the Sun is in Virgo!

Now, which are the stone for this meticulous Earth sign?
Peridot for August Virgos, and Sapphire for September Virgos!

Peridot gemstones can help you harness the power of the Sun towards joy, optimism, strength, and an overall better quality of life.

Sapphire is a stone of wisdom, a royal stone of learning mental acuity and psychic activation.


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Full Moon Red Moon in Aquarius August, 15th


The Full Moon in Aquarius will bring your love life, relationships and finances in focus. It will show us our ability to love and help others unconditionally. We are just going to honour the healing vibrations of Aquarius by sending compassion and love to ourselves and to the world.


( @Pinterest) 

Aquarius reminds us that we carry a unique frequency and that we emit that frequency into the world in various ways: our thoughts, behaviours and intentions.
Whit this Red Moon in Aquarius is time to release whatever lowers the vibration of your frequency like anger, guilt, shame, and regret. Doing so you will naturally attract things that will help you rise your frequency and feel better.

So, under the light of the August Full Moon, we are going to take things a bit slower and easier. We are going to give ourselves time to digest and process all the energies.



Another way to look at these energies is, Leo(this month's zodiac sign) being “personal” and Aquarius “universal.” In order to live a completely authentic life where you can fully express yourself (Leo), you have to rebel (Aquarius) against social established rules. This is precisely why the essence of Aquarius is recognized for being eccentric, rebellious, innovative, and extraordinary. Being independent and an out-of-the-box thinker is necessary for making a difference.

This Full Moon’s crystal will be Aventurine.
Green Aventurine’s soothing energy balances the emotional body, guiding one toward inner harmony. It calms nervousness, anger and irritation, and helps dissolve the everyday stress of a hectic lifestyle. It quiets roving thoughts and enhances sleep while providing a gentle grounding effect on one’s vibrational field. It releases the notion that every event must be analysed.

Green Aventurine is a comforter and heart healer, used to clear and activate the Heart Chakra for general well-being and emotional calm.

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End Of Mercury Retrograde and New Moon In Leo


Mercury retrograde will finally end todayJuly 31! The very same day of the New Moon in Leo, its energy will start moving forward again. The New Moon also means a brand new lunar cycle and tend to be a really good time to plant seeds for your future.


During the New Moon is in Leo, you will feel a boost of emotional energy, opening you up to a season that amplifies generosity, abundance, optimism, and good fortune.

You are going to feel your inner fire of your heart flourish. With the power of the graceful Leo you may fall in love, be romantic and extremely loyal; you will want to allow yourself to open up to the idea of love and be courageous to show your love for someone.

You will pay more attention on how you’re feeling: tired, energetic, overwhelmed, excited, happy, sad and so on. But overall, while the New Moon is in Leo, there will be a general optimistic feeling . Find your joy and whatever makes you happy. Do something you enjoy and share warmth, generosity and kindness.



Citrine will the best crystal to keep with you during this event. Citrine is the ultimate prosperity and abundance crystal. Carrying the power of the sun, it is warm and comforting, energizing and life giving. Citrine is a stone of abundance and manifestation, attracting wealth and prosperity, success and all things good. It also encourages generosity and sharing good fortune.








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Sun Enters the Joyful Leo



23 July – 22 August


Ruler: Sun

Element: Fire

Colour: gold, yellow

General Characteristics: generous, vital, charismatic, creative, fierce


Ruled by the creative life-force of the Sun, Leos light up and energise the people around them.

Dignified, graceful and full of vitality, this fire sign is here to learn about itself through creative expression.

Leo is sociable, loves parties and appreciates the collaborative output of others.
This sign is not only warm and loving, it tends to be loyal, passionate and romantic. Pride and confidence are keywords, as also are courage, honour and popularity.

The lion is a symbol of strength and grace with an untameable heart. Leos are born leaders, they know they are free to be what they want.



Now, how will the other eleven signs feel with the entrance of the sun in Leo?

We had one immensely challenging and emotionally wrought Cancer season. With Mercury retrograde topped with two life-changing and overwhelming eclipses, it's safe to say most of us shed a few tears over the course of the past few weeks. Though Mercury retrograde is still creating some dramas.

When the sun is in Leo, it'll probably feel like a breath of fresh air the cosmos are radiating the most creative and courageous energy. This is the time to express yourself artistically, dive into romance, and reveal the unique soul that you are.


It’s time now to feel your power, your courage and your heart.

The sun in Leo will take us from the emotional Cancer into our inner fire. Leo teaches us that we are the leaders of our life. We are in charge of our destiny and when we lead with our heart, we find true joy.

You will feel your inner strength and know that you never need approval from anyone other than yourself.



And of course Leo’s Zodiac Stone is the bright green Peridot!

With the power of the sun Peridot will give you joy, optimism, strength, and an overall better quality of life.

Peridot is a warm, happy and friendly stone. It increases and attracts wealth, prosperity, health, joy, and emotional well-being. It also helps dissipate negative patterns and old vibrations that play over and over, keeping one from realising they are deserving of success.

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Full Moon in Capricorn July 16, 2019

The full moon in Capricorn of July 16this a moon where the emotions will be numerous and intense, however they will be locked up by the austerity and rigidity of the Capricorn. This event invites you to focus and reflect.

This full moon and lunar eclipse will ask you to analyse both your professional and you sentimental life.It is a powerful time for realising whether you need to let go of a habit, a relationship, or even the past, the moon energy is there to help you. 

(@Getty Images)


This 16th July the Full Moon in Capricorn will push us to be more determined and independent. It might be the right moment to start something new and exciting, and close with the past and everything that will not have a future in our lives.

This Full moon is not lacking in complications and conflicts. We feel tired, demotivated and disappointed; the overall atmosphere is of fatigue and gloomy thoughts. We feel like we want to differentiate ourselves, we want to be more autonomous, free to express ourselves and our talents.



Now, here are the three gemstones that will assist you during this magical event.

-Amethyst will help you quiet your mind so that you can focus on what matters.


 Clear Quartz crystal is going to help you stay on your new progressive path, without having to worry about negativity catching up with you. It's all about optimism with this crystal by your side.


While the Clear Quartz crystal helps to keep you positive, Smokey Quartz works double time to keep negative energy away from you so that you can continue to chase after your dreams and accomplish big things. Keep both crystals for optimal protection and motivation.


And don't forget to charge your crystals ;)










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Mercury Retrograde July 7 – July 31, 2019

Now, everybody has heard at least ones in their life time that when Mercury goes retrograde things get crazy.

When a planet goes retrograde means that it is asleep, it slows down, it is no longer able to operate to its normal speed and strength. From our position on Earth it looks like the planet is moving in the reverse direction for a period of time.

In astrology, Mercury rules communication, intelligence, and timing.Mercury retrograde brings communication and technology breakdowns, nervous anxiety, travel delays, and lost items, the list goes on…Fun, isn’t it?!

Mercury retrograde is an astrological event that's typically pretty obvious for people to see in action.If you really pay attention during the three weeks you have those days where it's like things are not going the way you intended them to go.

During this time, many people experience a range of adverse effects, such as memory loss, loss of time, loss of items and so on.
As for technology, you can usually experience unexpected glitches, software crashes and lost emails. Double-check all of your emails and posts on Facebook before hitting the send button.

During mercury retrograde be flexible and expect the unexpected. Pause and breathe before speaking, so not to be misunderstood. Delay making big purchases, such as a home, computer equipment and electronics, until after mercury goes direct. Practice forgiveness. If big decisions must be made, make sure to double and triple check all the details!

(@Alexander Pohl)


Now, instead of hiding for three weeks hoping that nothing major happens to you use the help of our crystals friends to survive this period of madness!

Amazonite promotes clear communication, remind us that it's time for our voices to be heard it will help you move beyond the fear of confrontation or judgment so you can freely express your true self. Amazonite assists in communicating one’s true thoughts and feelings without over-emotionalism. It also enables one to see a problem from another’s point of view in order to affect peace, or to see both sides of an issue objectively to resolve one’s own inner conflicts. 


Fluorite is a balancing and grounding stone that anchors your ideas by giving structure to your thought process during challenging times. Fluorite transforms toxic thoughts into new ideas and innovations. 
Fluorite can get rid of any electromagnetic fog that can attract or retain negative energies and make you feel psychically, emotionally, or mentally lethargic.
It can purify your body and eliminate anything that’s causing it not to function perfectly. It can bring you calmness and relaxation, and it can relieve all your tensions and anxieties.


Chyrsocolla is first and foremost a Stone of Communication.Communication, compassion, inspiration and individuality. A supportive stone that will act as an anchor when you are swimming in emotions.
It allows for clear communication of one’s innate inner wisdom, even discerning what that wisdom may be.






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