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New Moon in Aries March 24th, 2020

As we mentioned in the previous blog post about the beginning of Aries Season, Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and even though the New Moon is nowhere to be seen in the night sky, this phase of the lunar cycle is often the most positive of them all. This is because a new moon gives you an opportunity to start fresh. 
With a peak on March 24, this new moon in can give us the motivation we need to start our goals and plant seeds for a fresh much-needed start… yes, even if we get away from society and spend more time at home.
We will be confronted with our shadow self and the person we want to be. Be sure to implement changes in your mood and get inspired to evolve to the best version of you. We may feel a sense of optimism and invigorated by the fresh fiery, energy that is now on offer to us.
We will be drawn to think about ways to heal, ourselves, each other, and the planet. We may find ourselves having to care for a loved one or we may find that we have to nurture and look after our own mind, body, and soul.

So many of us have had to change our ways these last few weeks and perhaps adopt a new routine or schedule. As we move through this transition, it is really important that we find ways to make our new routine productive and healthy.

Stay home, stay safe 


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Sun Enters Confident Aries March 19th, 2020

Ruler: Mars
Element: Fire
Colour: red, orange
General Characteristics: bold, ambitious, passionate and motivated.
Aries kicks off not only the spring season but also the entire zodiac wheel. This fiery sign is led by optimism and joy of living, this complements its distinctive impulsivity.


This sign is ruled by Mars, Roman god of war. This might explain Aries’ explosive temper, competitiveness and outbursts. They are usually very positive, upbeat and playful. They usually act before they think, sometimes making them learn the lesson in an hard way.

(LoveIn Dwelling)

You can ask literally everything to an Aries and they will respond you in the most honest way possible, with no malice or bad intention. They just wear their heart on their sleeve.
The beginning of Aries season marks also the beginning of an Astrological New Year although we are nearly three months into 2020. The Equinox is a fresh start to say bye-bye to the old and welcome the new.
And this fiery Aries energy will promote growth and optimism. We will feel more impulsive and enthusiastic of life.
We really need these positivity now that the world looks a little scary and uncertain.

Stay safe everybody!






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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is around the corner. We all perfectly know that our mothers work every day to make us happy and give us all the love that we need. Deep down we know that we should celebrate them every day, for everything they do for us, celebrate their infinite love and especially their patience.

We know that sometimes life throw us heavy barrels, but no matter how hard the blows, our mothers always share our burden, they are always there, ready to welcome us in their arms, to give us a sigh of relief. They reassure us with their positivity and convince us that everything will be fine, for the best.

For this special day we thought of creating a little guide of the perfect gift/crystal for the person that represents the world to us. A stone, ring, pendant, earrings, or bracelet, whichever item you are going to choose will make your mom happy of having received something so special and meaningful from you.


Did you know that jewellery is one of the most popular ways to display gems and crystals, and benefit from their healing and empowering qualities directly through skin contact.
Traditionally, earrings protect the mind from psychological attacks.
Necklaces and pendants shield the heart from emotional manipulation and bring love.
Bracelet or armbands reach out to attract abundance and opportunities.
Rings on any finger symbolise lasting love, friendship and heath counting in a never-ending cycle.
We selected a few stones that we think might be related to anyone in our life that takes good care of us. These stones have been selected to help with their magical properties our loved ones or ourselves.

(@Alicia Malesani)

Rose Quartz: A powerful stone of unconditional love, infinite peace, compassion and joy, Rose Quartz gently removes negative energy and replaces it with loving vibrations. It teaches you to love yourself and encourages self-forgiveness and acceptance.
All of life’s many forms of love are strengthen by powerful Rose Quartz.
A pendant or a stone cold be the perfect piece for our moms, whenever they feel a little low or overwhelmed they will need to place the rose quartz on their chest and visualise a gentle pink light filling their heart space, lifting all heaviness away.
Pink is the colour of reconciliation, happy family relationships, friendships, gentleness, kindness, young or new love and trust after betrayal.

Moonstone: Associated with the inner goddess, it is a symbol of fertility and sensuality. The Moonstone reminds us to go with the flow; it is said to help guide you in difficult times and situations. Moonstone is the stone of intuition, dreams and energy. It encourages hope, enhances feminine energies, sensitivity, and intuition. Moonstone is known to bring strong energies of abundance to one’s life.
Pearls form a connection between our body rhythms and those of the natural cycle of the moon and the seasons, this makes them very helpful for work, release burn out or stress overload. Pearls are said to attract wealth and luck as well as being a protection talisman. 
The pearl is also said to symbolize purity,  generosity, integrity, and loyalty. They have been used in various cultures to help women connect with their “inner goddesses” and promote the ultimate “feminine energy.”
White cloudy colours are considered nurturing colours, for slower new beginning, especially after loss, slower unfolding potential, protection against negativity, restoring hope, granting wishes and fulfilling dreams, discovering secrets, calling love from the past or from afar.


Ruby: Ruby is said to help the sharing of loving energy, despite past hurt. Most commonly associated with love, especially faithful passionate commitment, and helps older women to value their beauty and life experience. This gemstone is also believed to protect the wearer from negative entities that leach positive energy, promoting spiritual vitality and wellness overall.
Red is the stone of movement, courage, positive change, strength, action, determination, assertiveness, power, protecting loved ones, overcoming obstacles.

Emerald: Emerald is a crystal of the heart, alleviating heaviness in the emotional field and nourishing the aura with an energy of hope, encouragement, gentleness and abundance. It heals heartbreak and gives the strength needed to overcome the misfortunes of life, clearing away negative patterns.
Green is considered the stone of love, fidelity, commitment, beauty, environment, healing through nature, increase of health, wealth, ultimate luck bringer.

We really hope this little guide was in some ways helpful to anyone who would like to make a thoughtful present to that person that supports us no matter what or that want to treat themselves with a beautiful gemstone or piece of jewellery with meaning. 
There are many ways to show our affection and gratitude for all they do for us on a daily basis with little gestures of kindness and gratitude, so they feel appreciated and loved, and maybe why not by gifting them something special that is precious and everlasting like our love for them.
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Full Moon in Virgo March 9th, 2020


Full Moon is always a time of transformation, and some people sometimes are not able to handle all this energy. This is the reason why we might feel out of balance during a full moon.
Although every full moon amplifies the power to dissolve any obstacle, each lunar phase has some unique qualities.

The March Full Moon is also a Super Moon and it falls the meticulous earth sign of Virgo, you will feel like getting disciplined and try to clean every corner of your life, and the opportunity to bring more order around you.

There is always something going on in our lives that prevent us from achieving our goals. We tend to procrastinate and this is the worse enemy of progress! Virgo’s analytical power will help you in this period. Write down anything in your life that you have been putting off. Maybe you feel like you are not ready or you need to keep the project you have in your mind for another time, or maybe you simply don’t know where to start. The best this to do would be to find out how to undertake the first steps to make things happen; we all know Virgo likes lists!


No matter what occurs to us under this powerful Super Moon, we are being guided to accept ourselves, our lives, and the circumstances we find ourselves in. It is only through acceptance that we can begin to heal and move forward!
Let this Full inspire a sense of neighbourly kindness as you flow through your days. Take a moment to thank people who are helping or working with you. Let your friends know the little things you appreciate about them. It matters!

Another positive note about this day is that Mercury will finally go back to its direct motion, that means that communications start getting back to normal as traveling and technology issues come to an end! Happy days!

(@Agathe Sorlet)

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New Moon in Pisces 23th February 2020


February's new moon occurs in dreamy Pisces, when we take action during this lunar phase, it's likely because it "feels" like the right thing to do and achieve our goals; something to bring you in line with your purpose, dreams and visions.


Pisces governs what's hidden, the past and endings, so we may come to learn something that was unknown to us and sheds light on something important; we may feel more to wait and set things up for the energy of the next new moon.
We have also to keep in mind that Mercury is retrograde and we can’t escape its influence and this can be a great period for a second chance. Retrogrades are times of do-overs, and with a new moon, it's an excellent opportunity to do just that. Think of something you’d like to give it another try, and see if you can manage it.


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Sun Enters Intuitive Pisces 19th February 2020

Ruler: Neptune
Element: Water
Colour: Purple
General Characteristics: Creative, Sensitive, Romantic, Empathetic.

Constricted by reality, Pisces wants its boundaries to erode and dissolve. This water sign is an escape artist, it finds its way to exit mundane reality by using its imagination to daydream.


The symbol of Pisces is two fish, each swimming in opposite directions. Due to Pisces’ dual nature, it is highly adaptable and experiences the word through emotions.
Pisces’ soft heart, empathy and compassion make it a sign likely to apply unconditional love, and driven to help relieve suffering and pain motivated by the potential it sees in every soul. Pisces feels happiest when it can express its rich inner world and make use of its unique artistic, empathetic and spiritual sensibilities. 


Now Sun's entry into Pisces will shed light on our dreams and yearnings, as well as our suffering and our capacity for compassion and transcendence. There is also a potential for initiative to realise a creative or romantic dream.
During dreamy Pisces season, we’re encouraged to go deep and hone our intuition. This water sign is deeply empathetic, showing us how to heal ourselves and others. Creativity is key during this time—if there is a type of art you’ve been curious about, now is the time to experiment.


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Full Moon in Leo 9th February 2020


This Full Moon falls in the fiery sign of Leo. A Full Moon in Leo means a dynamic, energic and ambitious moon. It offers combativeness, will power and new possibilities of growth. It is the best occasion to support the new possibilities that we are offered. We will have the opportunity to actualise the projects we have in our mind.
This Full Moon in Leo introduces a period of serenity, joy, sharing and happiness, it will move away tensions and conflicts.

(@chris anne donnelly) 

This lunar cycle brings kindness, generosity, good mood and reconciliation. We will be more sympathetic and open, ready to help the others.
It is a fantastic weekend to celebrate, get in touch with friends or simply take some time to enjoy anything that we like to do. We can reconnect with that part of ourselves that is pure expression of love and authenticity.


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New Moon in Aquarius 24th January 2020


The first New Moon of 2020 is coming into Aquarius and it is giving us the perfect blank canvas for starting something new. It’s the right time to set our intention as we refocus on what we really want. This New Moon gives us an invigorating burst of energy and initiative.


Several transformative and inspiring moments are likely to come your way.
In general, the new moon is an excellent time to set positive intentions for this new lunar cycle, start a new initiative, partnership, or create fresh goals for yourself.


January's new moon will be in the sign of Aquarius, which means it's even more likely to spark new ideas, as well as a need for reflection. This cosmic energy could prompt you into taking the action necessary to experience freedom and change in an area of life that has not felt authentic or nurturing to who you truly are.


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Sun Enters the Innovative Aquarius 20th January 2020


Ruler: Uranus
Element: Air
Colour: Blue
General Characteristics: Extroverted, Unconventional, Rebellious, Innovative.

Radical, Original and independent, Aquarius is an air sign and expresses its unconventional qualities through thoughts and communication.
The symbol of this zodiac is the water bearer, positioned on a cloud high above the Earth. From her height she pours the rain of knowledge, nourishing new life in terms of ideas and consciousness.
Cool, calm and bright, Aquarius brings clarity and awareness. 

(@Lea Lafleur)

Their insatiable curiosity is one of their most endearing qualities, but it can be difficult for them to relate to people on a deeper more emotional level. Future orientated and always giving power to its ideas, ideals and visions, Aquarius can sometimes be detached and this contributed to maintaining its unique position in life.

With the sun in Aquarius you will feel more even-tempered, artistic, sociable, peaceful in your general attitude to life, warm and loving. It a good time to learn something new,  strange and innovative. New, fresh, exciting horizons can motivate your spirit.


Aquarius Zodiac Stone is the beloved and calming Amethyst. Amethyst is a powerful healing stone that is known for purifying the mind and clearing it from negative thoughts, this includes stress and anxiety, giving a sense of calmness and peace. This gemstone also is said to bring emotional healing, while strengthening its owner's intuition. It strengthens the imagination putting thoughts into action. Amethyst is the perfect crystal for improving meditation, headaches and sleep. 


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Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Cancer January 10th


The first full moon of the new decade is headed our way and  it also happens to be a lunar eclipse. The changes taking place now are set to influence our lives over the first half of 2020.

This eclipse is dealing with issues of authority and safety, This simply means that in the areas where we feel powerful and strong, we must use that power for good, and reach out to help others who need a hand during this astrological time.

With this full moon in Cancer, we'll be dealing with matters of our emotional safety, comfort zones, and what makes us feel nurtured. Allowing space for our feelings and sentimental values under the Cancer moon is important during this eclipse.


We may feel a lack of control due to the effects of the eclipse, but should trust that it's for the best and know that it's not over, either, because we'll be dealing with these themes for the first half of the year.
Pay close attention to what matters arise for you emotionally and otherwise under this lunar eclipse.

(©suzanne diaz)

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