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Zodiac Stones: The Best Crystals for Pisces

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Zodiac Stones: The Best Crystals for Pisces


Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac wheel, representing the conclusion of a cycle and the beginning of Spring. It is a time for retrospection, pause and reflection, when we look back on the previous year and review what went well and what we would do differently in the future, helping us to grow, evolve and expand.

The idea of introspection pervades the lives of those born during the sign of Pisces. The Pisces zodiac sign glyph is represented by two fish swimming in opposing directions, this stands for the inner struggles they are experiencing on the inside.

Pisces is here to pursue balance between the internal and outward worlds, and since they are very sensitive, they frequently retire from the physical world to dive into a dream realm for them to avoid the challenges of real life.

Pisces is a profoundly spiritual and intuitive Sun sign. They are deeply artistic and creative, as well as emotional and sensitive. Pisces is known for being sympathetic, gentle, and understanding. This Mutable Water Sign is an excellent companion and has the capacity to sense the anguish of others. They are the zodiac's wise old spirits, and for that reason, they make excellent healers.

Pisces signs like assisting people and have a difficult time saying no. They frequently take on other people's problems and then become irritated when they give too much of themselves away. Because of their proclivity to flee, they are prone to alcoholism and substance misuse. Pisces may be gloomy as well, which comes with the nature of being a water sign.

Zodiac Stones for Pisces

Pisces sun signs can rectify their deficiencies and boost their innate strengths with the aid of Pisces stones. Zodiac stones produce distinct frequencies that can help and balance us by interacting with our specific energy systems.

It is worth noting that while the sun is in Pisces, we all experience the energy of Pisces at work in our lives, regardless of the month we were born in. As a result, these Pisces stones might be beneficial to us all throughout this time of year (February 19th through March 20th).


It helps them with their spirituality and intuition, as well as spiritual protection and inner tranquility. Amethyst promotes self-reflection and assists people in determining the main cause of their problems, ultimately relieving pain and tension. This Pisces crystal encourages them to serve others while also curbing their need for escapism by supporting abstinence from undesirable habits and addictions. Amethyst is the stone of peace, stability and calmness. It is a stone known to have strong cleansing and healing powers. At Jewels & Gems we absolutely love wearing Amethyst rings for positive energy and to help us to cultivate tranquility.



Larimar cools tempers and calms fears, it relieves stress and nurtures the physical and emotional bodies. A stone of clear communication, it provides the strength and courage needed to speak openly from the heart. This Pisces zodiac stone embodies the inner Goddess energy, and aids in contacting Angels and the Divine Feminine. Larimar utilizes Water energy, the energy of stillness, quiet strength, and purification. It embodies potentialities unrealized. Larimar is believed to channel ancient wisdom from Atlantis during meditation or sleep.



Fluorite absorbs and neutralizes negative energy, mental and emotional blockage and stress. It is an excellent learning aid, increasing our powers of concentration, self-confidence and helps us in decision-making. Fluorite is a highly protective and stabilizing stone, useful for grounding and harmonizing spiritual energy. This Pisces zodiac stone increases intuitive abilities, links the human mind to universal consciousness, and develops connection to Spirit. It encourages positivity, balances energies and improves balance and coordination, both physically and mentally.



This Pisces zodiac stone is a good luck talisman that assists to soothe the emotional body, release fear of change and hardship helping us to look to the future with a positive outlook. Jade is a stone of prosperity, abundance, success and wisdom. It helps us to connect with the heart and mind of Nature. It has been traditionally used for Kundalini activation and clearing blocked energy centers. Jade works very well with Pisces energy as it instills a sense of calm and well-being, and can help to increase one's enjoyment of life. A lovely stone to wear as a crystal necklace to balance the Heart chakra, Nephrite Jade promotes confidence and calms the nervous system.



Kunzite is great for Pisces as it known as the Stone of Emotion, opening and connecting the heart to the mind and stimulating a healing communion between the two. Kunzite encourages one to release walls built around the heart for protection, and to be receptive to the experience of unconditional and abundant love. Another great stone to balance the Heart chakra, it is all about romantic love, good for communication of love when you are nervous, as well as for healing heartaches.



Kyanite is an excellent stone for meditation and attunement, hence why it resonates very well with Pisces' energy. Kyanite encourages speaking one's truth, cutting through fears and blockages. This zodiac stone increases the capacity for logical and linear thought. It is a stone of compassion, forgiveness, and justice, it promotes shifting stuck patterns and resolving conflicts. A great stone for Piscean empaths that pick up energies around them, it aligns all chakras and subtle bodies instantly and encourages psychic abilities and communication on all levels.



Aquamarine is a Pisces stone that closely fits the energy of Pisces, thereby helping them in whatever they accomplish. It has a relaxing, tranquil energy that balances water signs' emotional sensitivity. It allows for heart-to-heart contact and creates harmony. It is a powerful crystal that assists Pisces in developing their intuitive abilities and making the most of their meditation practice. Aquamarine is a calming, soothing, and cleansing stone, which is perfect when it comes to sooth unpleasant emotions such as grief or loneliness. Aquamarine is also known to enhance feelings of peacefulness by encouraging inner strength and bravery, whatever the situation is. 

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