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Sun Enters Intuitive Pisces 19th February 2020

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Ruler: Neptune
Element: Water
Colour: Purple
General Characteristics: Creative, Sensitive, Romantic, Empathetic.

Constricted by reality, Pisces wants its boundaries to erode and dissolve. This water sign is an escape artist, it finds its way to exit mundane reality by using its imagination to daydream.


The symbol of Pisces is two fish, each swimming in opposite directions. Due to Pisces’ dual nature, it is highly adaptable and experiences the word through emotions.
Pisces’ soft heart, empathy and compassion make it a sign likely to apply unconditional love, and driven to help relieve suffering and pain motivated by the potential it sees in every soul. Pisces feels happiest when it can express its rich inner world and make use of its unique artistic, empathetic and spiritual sensibilities. 


Now Sun's entry into Pisces will shed light on our dreams and yearnings, as well as our suffering and our capacity for compassion and transcendence. There is also a potential for initiative to realise a creative or romantic dream.
During dreamy Pisces season, we’re encouraged to go deep and hone our intuition. This water sign is deeply empathetic, showing us how to heal ourselves and others. Creativity is key during this time—if there is a type of art you’ve been curious about, now is the time to experiment.