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Sun Enters the Joyful Leo

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23 July – 22 August


Ruler: Sun

Element: Fire

Colour: gold, yellow

General Characteristics: generous, vital, charismatic, creative, fierce


Ruled by the creative life-force of the Sun, Leos light up and energise the people around them.

Dignified, graceful and full of vitality, this fire sign is here to learn about itself through creative expression.

Leo is sociable, loves parties and appreciates the collaborative output of others.
This sign is not only warm and loving, it tends to be loyal, passionate and romantic. Pride and confidence are keywords, as also are courage, honour and popularity.

The lion is a symbol of strength and grace with an untameable heart. Leos are born leaders, they know they are free to be what they want.



Now, how will the other eleven signs feel with the entrance of the sun in Leo?

We had one immensely challenging and emotionally wrought Cancer season. With Mercury retrograde topped with two life-changing and overwhelming eclipses, it's safe to say most of us shed a few tears over the course of the past few weeks. Though Mercury retrograde is still creating some dramas.

When the sun is in Leo, it'll probably feel like a breath of fresh air the cosmos are radiating the most creative and courageous energy. This is the time to express yourself artistically, dive into romance, and reveal the unique soul that you are.


It’s time now to feel your power, your courage and your heart.

The sun in Leo will take us from the emotional Cancer into our inner fire. Leo teaches us that we are the leaders of our life. We are in charge of our destiny and when we lead with our heart, we find true joy.

You will feel your inner strength and know that you never need approval from anyone other than yourself.



And of course Leo’s Zodiac Stone is the bright green Peridot!

With the power of the sun Peridot will give you joy, optimism, strength, and an overall better quality of life.

Peridot is a warm, happy and friendly stone. It increases and attracts wealth, prosperity, health, joy, and emotional well-being. It also helps dissipate negative patterns and old vibrations that play over and over, keeping one from realising they are deserving of success.