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Opal - Crystal Healing Properties, Meaning, Zodiac Signs

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Opal - Crystal Healing Properties, Gemstone Meaning, Zodiac Signs


Birthstone : October

Zodiac Stone : Cancer, Libra

Uses & Properties: Opal encourages you to express your true self. You will feel confident and comfortable in your own skin, and this will radiate in your words, thoughts, and actions. Opals enhance beauty and inner radiance, and should be worn if you have lost confidence in yourself. It assists post-natal depression. Opal is a symbol of lasting love on a deep level. It is the stone of all who write, dance, play music or sing, or who teach or organize creative and performing arts / art therapies. Wear Opal if you one day hope to turn professional / full-time in these fields. 

Meaning: Opal was considered by all the ancient world to be the most bewitching and mysterious of the gems. It was worn for its virtues of soothing and strengthening the sight. The Roman historian Pliny the Elder said that of Opals : "There is in them a softer fire that in the Ruby, there is the brilliant of the purple of the Amethyst, there is the sea-green of the Emerald. All shining together in incredible union."

Opal's affirmation is: "I allow my emotional healing to unfold."


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