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New Moon in Scorpio, 27th October 2019

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This October New Moon in Scorpio will push us to start a new project, even if we might risk of making a mistake. We will want to make a change and a transformation. It is the time to mark a fundamental landmark in your life, both in the sentimental area and the professional one. This Moon in October will sent us in the mood of trying and succeed, it will push us to make a decision, to act, and not waiting; it will push us to be more extroverted and relaxed.


We will feelrestless, impulsive and even crazy; we should have caution, patience, and flexibility. Adapt to sudden change and say sorry if you make a mistake.
Remember to be patient and think twice before taking risks. If you do make mistakes during this moon phase, encourages you to say sorry.
It might be harder to get what we want under this lunation. However, hard work will pay off.


The crystal to keep with us during this lunation will be Fluorite. Fluorite will help us to stay focus, work and achieve what we want, and make this transformation happen in our lives!