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New Moon in Aries March 24th, 2020

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As we mentioned in the previous blog post about the beginning of Aries Season, Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and even though the New Moon is nowhere to be seen in the night sky, this phase of the lunar cycle is often the most positive of them all. This is because a new moon gives you an opportunity to start fresh. 
With a peak on March 24, this new moon in can give us the motivation we need to start our goals and plant seeds for a fresh much-needed start… yes, even if we get away from society and spend more time at home.
We will be confronted with our shadow self and the person we want to be. Be sure to implement changes in your mood and get inspired to evolve to the best version of you. We may feel a sense of optimism and invigorated by the fresh fiery, energy that is now on offer to us.
We will be drawn to think about ways to heal, ourselves, each other, and the planet. We may find ourselves having to care for a loved one or we may find that we have to nurture and look after our own mind, body, and soul.

So many of us have had to change our ways these last few weeks and perhaps adopt a new routine or schedule. As we move through this transition, it is really important that we find ways to make our new routine productive and healthy.

Stay home, stay safe