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Moon Water - How and Why To Make Your Own

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How (And Why) To Make Moon Water & Ways To Use It

Moon Water - How and Why To Make Your Own

Full moons are moments of great culmination. And moon water is a technique for amplifying that energy even more. Here's a step-by-step instruction to making it and utilizing it during the next full moon.

What is moon water?

Moon water, as the name implies, is just water that has been exposed to the full moon's light and absorbed part of its power.

Humans' fascination with the moon is not new, but the actual origins of moon water are unknown. According to research, the tradition of creating moon water has its roots in witchcraft and has been prevalent since at least the 1800s.

Moon water is wonderful to work with whether you're interested in the moon or just want to spice up your next ritual. Indeed, moon water can be created at any phase of the moon but it is merely thought to be most strong with the full moon.

There is one occasion when you don't want to brew moon water though: during a lunar eclipse. Eclipses are gloomy and unlike the Full Moon their energy is not associated with manifestation work and might reveal our darkness, therefore they are a moment to release rather than harness.

How to make moon water?

1. Select a container and fill it with water.
Fill a glass jar halfway with water, ideally fresh rainwater. If you have a specific aim or goal in mind that you want to materialize with the moon, you may have some fun by selecting a container that suits your intention. If you intend to drink your moon water, be certain that the water you use is safe to consume. If you choose, you may leave your jar open, but having a lid or cover will keep the water clean. (The moon can still get there!)

2. Locate a location with direct moonlight.
Place the jar of water on your patio, windowsill, or wherever else it will be exposed to moonlight.

3. Recite a prayer or an affirmation.
Take a time to consider how you intend to use this moon water. Set an intention for your full moon ritual by saying an affirmation or prayer over the jar. When making intentions, it's also a good idea to consider the full moon's zodiac sign in order to work with the energies of the current cycle. For example, if you have love-related aspirations, consider a Taurus or Libra full moon to boost your manifestation. Work with the Capricorn full moon to boost your career and long-term success or the Cancer full moon to work with home or family-related intentions.

4. Add some crystals and stones.
You may charge the water and give it an extra boost by placing your favorite crystals on top of the jar for more amplification. Clear quartz, selenite, and moonstone are all excellent stones for cleansing energy and enhancing intuition.

5. Leave for the night.
Once everything is in place and your purpose is established, simply leave the jar overnight in the moonlight, and it will be ready to use in the morning! As easy as that.

What to do with moon water?

Moon water is a wonderful technique to alchemize energy, and there are several applications for it. Here are some of our favorites:

★ To cleanse crystals, the full moon, as well as moon water, are excellent for recharging and purifying your crystals (just be careful, because certain crystals don't mix well with water). 

★ A full moon bath is an excellent method to connect with lunar energy. To deepen your connection to Mama Moon, add moon water to your bath.

★ Boil your moon water for your next cup of tea to reconnect yourself from the inside out with the moon's energy.

★ Plants also like being spritzed with a touch of moon water to revive their vigor.

★ To deepen the energy cleansing of your home and altar settings, include some moon water into your cleaning solutions.

It all comes back to intention when it comes to how you use your moon water. There's no doubting that the moon brings more energy—and we may as well take use of it!


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