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How To Work With Gua Shas and Face Rollers

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How To Work With Gua Shas and Face Rollers

Face Rollers has long been among the most popular beauty items in the last couple of years, but more and more people are realizing that the Gua Sha is also a valuable skin care product. It massages our skin more thoroughly than a face roller and is recognized for, among other things, tightening the skin. Boost circulation and give us a beautiful glow! We'll go over all that there is for you to know about our new favorite, the Gua Sha, in this post.


The only real difference between these tools is their form; otherwise, they have very comparable qualities, and which one you like to use in your skin care routine is entirely personal. What we want to emphasize is that you can work with your skin a little more "in depth" with a Gua Sha than you can with a face roller, which is designed more so to help with beauty product penetration (creams, oils, serums, etc...) With a Gua Sha, you can more easily control how gentle (or strong) you like to massage your skin, which makes it an ideal tool for those who have stiff necks since it may assist to release tension in the deeper layers.


A Gua Sha is a face instrument that massages our lymphatic system or also called lymph nodes and is also a great tool to help increase blood circulation in our skin. You can observe effects by using your Gua Sha on a daily basis, such as skin tightening, minimizing under-eye bags, and gives your skin a lovely radiance from inside out. 


~ On cleaned skin, apply a face oil, cream or serum.

~ You can start by gently drawing your Gua Sha up from the bottom of your neck, while using your empty hand to hold the skin from the area where your tool is starting to pull. Pull it down slowly your neck a few times to get the lymph nodes and blood circulation going. You should always keep the pulls light rather than strong, and increase the speed as you get going.

~ Then keep going up the face. Pull your Gua Sha up and out starting at the chin, from the center of your face towards the outer edges making sure the tool's edge is slightly sideways and not perpendicular to your face. Carry on in this upward/outward motion until you reach the temples.

~ Pull your Gua Sha up to the hairline when you reach the forehead. Always remember to work your way up and out, this is very important.

~ Finish by siding your Gua Sha down your neck; this is the only time we pull our Gua Sha down our neck, as this helps to clear / empty the lymph nodes and increase blood circulation.

~ Allow your Gua Sha to dry after cleaning it with warm water. You can use your tool every day for a few minutes! And remember: always listen to your body, and what feels right!

Please note: The Lymphatic system is part of our immune system. It can be found throughout the whole body. The way it works is that, by releasing fluids our system gets rid of unwanted particles in the body and instead, we gain a natural glow from within by stimulating our lymph nodes (which are located on the sides of the neck, among other places) using a tool such as a Gua Sha on a regular basis.


The best way to pick is by trusting your intuition as to which crystal you are drawn to.

Just to give you some insight: 

~ Rose quartz is considered the healing stone of self-love & harmony. It is also the ultimate beauty stone. The use of Rose quartz soothes the facial skin and makes it glow again. 

~ Amethyst is a healing stone that is said to bring purity for the body and soul. The use of Amethyst can help soothe irritated skin.

~ Green Aventurine is known as a stone of luck, prosperity, relaxation and optimism. It is said to help with inner balance and soothe stressed skin, redness, and skin eruptions.

For more info and guidance, we also have some video resources on Instagram, please check out the IGTV section: click here to check it out.

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