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Full Moon in Virgo March 9th, 2020

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Full Moon is always a time of transformation, and some people sometimes are not able to handle all this energy. This is the reason why we might feel out of balance during a full moon.
Although every full moon amplifies the power to dissolve any obstacle, each lunar phase has some unique qualities.

The March Full Moon is also a Super Moon and it falls the meticulous earth sign of Virgo, you will feel like getting disciplined and try to clean every corner of your life, and the opportunity to bring more order around you.

There is always something going on in our lives that prevent us from achieving our goals. We tend to procrastinate and this is the worse enemy of progress! Virgo’s analytical power will help you in this period. Write down anything in your life that you have been putting off. Maybe you feel like you are not ready or you need to keep the project you have in your mind for another time, or maybe you simply don’t know where to start. The best this to do would be to find out how to undertake the first steps to make things happen; we all know Virgo likes lists!


No matter what occurs to us under this powerful Super Moon, we are being guided to accept ourselves, our lives, and the circumstances we find ourselves in. It is only through acceptance that we can begin to heal and move forward!
Let this Full inspire a sense of neighbourly kindness as you flow through your days. Take a moment to thank people who are helping or working with you. Let your friends know the little things you appreciate about them. It matters!

Another positive note about this day is that Mercury will finally go back to its direct motion, that means that communications start getting back to normal as traveling and technology issues come to an end! Happy days!

(@Agathe Sorlet)