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End Of Mercury Retrograde and New Moon In Leo

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Mercury retrograde will finally end todayJuly 31! The very same day of the New Moon in Leo, its energy will start moving forward again. The New Moon also means a brand new lunar cycle and tend to be a really good time to plant seeds for your future.


During the New Moon is in Leo, you will feel a boost of emotional energy, opening you up to a season that amplifies generosity, abundance, optimism, and good fortune.

You are going to feel your inner fire of your heart flourish. With the power of the graceful Leo you may fall in love, be romantic and extremely loyal; you will want to allow yourself to open up to the idea of love and be courageous to show your love for someone.

You will pay more attention on how you’re feeling: tired, energetic, overwhelmed, excited, happy, sad and so on. But overall, while the New Moon is in Leo, there will be a general optimistic feeling . Find your joy and whatever makes you happy. Do something you enjoy and share warmth, generosity and kindness.



Citrine will the best crystal to keep with you during this event. Citrine is the ultimate prosperity and abundance crystal. Carrying the power of the sun, it is warm and comforting, energizing and life giving. Citrine is a stone of abundance and manifestation, attracting wealth and prosperity, success and all things good. It also encourages generosity and sharing good fortune.