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5 Healing Crystals for Positivity and Joy ✨🌈

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 5 healing crystals for positivity and joy

5 healing crystals for positivity

5 crystals to uplift your mood: 
On the Jewels & Gems Podcast, Sylvana the Founder answers some very frequently asked questions from customers or followers on the social media accounts, from crystal healing properties, to explaining the meaning of zodiac stones, she also talks about the correlation between crystal colors and the chakras, and so much more! Today she will show you her favorite healing crystals for positivity, to help you bring some good vibes and positive energy into your life ✨🙏🏻
ABOUT: Welcome to Jewels & Gems! My name is Sylvana, and I am all about helping you brighten up your life your life through crystals and so much more! I will be sharing with you my experience about crystal healing, astrology, holistic health, general wellness and lots of other topics to transform your day! Sounding up your alley?
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ABOUT THE HOST - Sylvana is a young entrepreneur, astrologer and modern mystic, born and bred in Paris, France. She is the Founder of Jewels & Gems, a gemstone jewelry and crystals brand that focuses on the power of birthstones, zodiac stones, and other healing gems to help you live a high-vibe life!